thankful list #2

+ i am thankful that fall has lasted as long as it did! i am so thankful to be greeted by rich, buttery yellows every time i pull into my neighborhood or drive around big-tree streets. (fingers crossed the colors survive the snow!)

+ i am thankful for so many christlike friends - the kind of friends where you think, "why do you guys hang out with us again?" because they are just SUCH good, pure people. i am so grateful for their examples in my life.

+ i am thankful for UTAH! we were able to hike around moab this weekend, and just. like. wut??people come from all over the world to experience the expanse of red rocks and arches, and they've been sitting in my backyard for the past three years. i wish i had gotten on this sooner! but utah, you are the promised land. the mountains here, the red rock, the dessert, the changing leaves and the big fluffy snowflakes and downtown salt lake. this is the most magnificent place.

+ i am grateful for a love of literature and books and reading. i love the quote, “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. the man who never reads lives only one.” i really feel as though my mind, my imagination, my creativity, & my life as a whole has been enriched more by reading than almost anything else.

+ i am grateful that jordan tickles my back every time that i ask.

+ i am grateful that my friends have cute, squishy babies for me to squeeze and obsess over until i have my own. i am grateful they are not creeped out that i have a ton of pictures of their kids saved on my phone.

+ i am grateful for my testimony of the church, and for my husband's example of refusing to be swayed by the opinions of the world. i am grateful that it brings me peace in times of turmoil. i am grateful to feel firm in my knowledge, and i am grateful for that guiding force in my life.

+ i am grateful for pedicures, because i don't take good care of my feet on my own.

+ crystal light energy packets, because what would my days look like without those?

+ i am grateful that i am forced out of bed pretty early on weekdays. i get a lot more out of my days when i don't waste them sleeping in, and there is something about that quiet, damp morning air. it's full of energy yet it feels so calm. (but this is my prayer that we never, ever have to do 8am church again.)


  1. wonderful list - i love your ability to notice and appreciate the little and big things that make life lovely. also, where is that darling white house!??!?!

    1. thank you, kylie :) that white house is right behind the "american flag barn" in park city!

  2. I appreciate this list, and I couldn't agree more that Utah is the best place! I have never been to Moab and I've lived here my whole life, which is incredibly shameful, I know. I want to go there though very badly! I really like your last bullet point! I've been trying to get up early the past two weeks and I feel like it has made a huge difference. Sleeping in is such a waste, especially when it becomes a habit! Those quiet morning hours are the best for inspiration and work!

  3. MOAB IS AMAZING! I loved watching your snapchat story over the weekend. I've only been once for a day trip; you make me want to spend more time there. Also you need to give me some book recommendations! I just finished my last one and I'm looking for a good one to start soon! I love that quote. I never really think very hard about reading -- it's just something I do on the bus to work and before I go to sleep at night. But it really does enrich my life! Thank you for noticing that and writing it down here.


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