thankful list #3

+ i am thankful to feel everything as deeply as i do. this weekend, i wept after hearing the casualty numbers in paris. (on the way to the movies, no less.) i felt real, genuine anxiety for a friend preparing to take the GRE, and cried again as my husband gave her a blessing. my insides lit up completely with christmas magic as i watched the traverse mountain christmas tree be lit. i feel so many things is a very complete way, and although sometimes it's exhausting, i am thankful to be emotionally sensitive - it connects me to those around me. my human experience is flawed, but being emotionally alive makes it always feel so fulfilling.

+ i am grateful to have witnessed an outpouring of love on social media after what happened in france this weekend. i am grateful for the knowledge that good will always be greater. (& grateful that my cousin serving in paris right now is accounted for & safe!)

+ i am thankful for cold winter air that feel clean and crisp inside your lungs. i am thankful that snow is so pretty, even if it makes driving a nightmare.

+ i am thankful that my dad's cancer has a high survival rate. !!!!!

+ i am thankful for compliments - receiving them (mila told me i was the most "festive" person she knew and it literally made my life) and giving them. (making a goal to compliment three people a day has significantly contributed to my overall happiness.)

+ i am grateful that jordan can grow a full, thick, sexy beard and i am grateful that he is almost graduated from byu so he never has to shave it EVER AGAIN. his facial hair kills me.

+ i have kinda already shared this sentiment, but at friendsgiving last night it popped into my head again. i am so grateful for our life here in utah. it is full of way more good friends than we deserve, and i am grateful that the thought of leaving them instantly brings me to tears. i love that so many of those friends have become family, and i hope that we can create relationships in SF as special as the one's we have here.

+ after seeing an art exhibit dedicated to her last week, i am feeling especially grateful for my heavenly mother and for the times that i have felt her influence.

+ i am intensely grateful to be a woman, and for the opportunity it gives me to create what "woman" means to me. i am thankful for my femininity and how it defines me in so many beautiful ways. i am thankful to be a mother someday.

+ although i don't have a place to call "home" per say since my family moved after i left for college, i am grateful that they ended up in boise. it is the most magical place! i am grateful that i have grown to love it (was not exactly thrilled at the thought of idaho when they first told me) and i love that it holds so much sentiment for my husband.


  1. I love your list! It's easy to get caught up in all the things we wish were different about ourselves or our lives, post like this are a great reminder that life is good - even when it's not perfect.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. love it all.

    and are you rocking a turtle neck in that first pic? love it.

  3. I just love how you write. You're able to acknowledge your strengths and appreciate them without coming across proud or arrogant. It's so honest and real. Such a hard thing to come by, but you do it so well!

  4. I love your thankful lists!! They are so happy and positive. Your outlook on life is so good! Keep it up pretty lady!!

  5. You are seriously the coolest :) I really love what you said about being grateful to feel things deeply. Personally, I have a hard time feeling some things. Like, put on a movie and I'll cry every time, but face me with a real person feeling something real and sad, and I have a hard time knowing what to do with it. I wish I felt more deeply, so I love that you know to appreciate the fact that you do. I think that is really amazing :)

  6. i don't know if I am just feeling extr emotional cuz of Jess today or what but this post made me cry like the whole way through. And I really want to try that complementing 3 people thing


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