christmas bucket list.

i don't think it'll come as a shock to ANYONE that i am obsessed with anything that falls under the label "chrismtasy" or "festive" or "merry." christmas magic brings me LIFE, and so i usually start this bucket list somewhere early november to ensure that we maximize our time in december. this year, we are working around finals, moving (a million times barf) jordan's sister coming home from her mission, and a last minute trip to a yellowstone cabin with friends. these next few weeks are going to be a DOOZY, but i will not yield!! this will be our most festive christmas yet! 

(also, yes i am wearing the same coat in every picture down here. it's my favorite one, okay?)

1. christmas in color light tunnel.
2. utah symphony at abravanel hall. (not technically christmas, but it still feels festive and fancy, right?)
3. festival of trees.
4. park city main street date to see the christmas decor.
5. temple square lights, because duh.
6. use this map to go see christmas light displays at least once.
7. motab christmas concert. (we wont tickets this year waddupppp!!!)
8. wear my sparkly reindeer sweater to at least one holiday party. (and my gold sequin skirt, now that i think about it.)
9. watch the first presidency christmas devotional curled up on our couch.
10. take another kissing picture by the draper tree of life.
11, watch freaking HOME ALONE and ELF and MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET.
12, experience "chrismtas street" in sugarhouse for myself.
13. put up our chrismtas tree & hang some mistletoe, even though it'll only be up for about ten days. (womp woooomp.)
14. read the chrismtas story in my personal study.
15. cathedral of the madeleine's christmas concert.

other ideas that didn't make it on the all-star list this year:

1. hogle zoo christmas lights.
2. a lighted christmas cruise down the provo river.
3. candy window displays  in south jordan.
4. ice skating at the gallivan center.
5. provo main street being lit up this friday.
7. you can see the nutcracker in provo! (we went last year & it was so good!)
8. christkindlmarkt (the german christmas market) at this is the place park.
9. we did the santa run last year & it was a total BLAST.
10. go to another's faith's church service around christmas-time. some of my favorite holidays memories have been lighting candles and rockin' out to christmas music at a nondenominational service. 

HAPPY CHRISTMASING, YOU GUYS! (and if there are is anything we missed PLZ let me know. i'm not above skipping school/work to fit in more chrismtas magic.)


  1. It's kind of a long drive, but Ogden does a Christmas Parade and they have a cute Christmas Village set up. We've gone the past couple of years and its always pretty magical.

  2. DRINK LOTS OF HOT COCOA AND/OR EGGNOG (I actually don't care for eggnog, it tastes like bubblegum, but caramel eggnog is pretty good... haha ). Oh and like, I only own one coat so cheers to wearing the same coat everywhere.

    I feel as though we need to be friends in general but especially Christmas friends. It's had to find someone who is as into as I am. ;)

  3. hahah this truly is an all-start list! and i will be referring to it as i too skip out on work....because christmas. i reaaaaally want to do the santa run (isn't it this weekend??) ha i hear they have milk and cookies at the "water" stations. umm yes plz!!!

    1. YES it's this weekend! & the cookie & milk rumors are true haha, it kinda made me sick!

  4. I am so happy you have the same love for all of the Christmas decor as I do!!! Aren't Christmas lights the best?? I am OBSESSED!!!! Enjoy all of the holiday festivities!!


  5. OK, you are officially my favorite, and I am so glad that you share my love of Christmas! Also I laughed at the fact that you have an 'all-star' Christmas to-do list and then another list on top of that, haha I love it!! Also, it's totally ok that you are wearing the same coat in all those pictures because I most definitely have favorite sweaters that I wear that just so happen to pop up in every picture ever taken of me and then it looks like I don't have any other clothes, but I definitely do. So ya. Anyway, what is this 'Christmas in color light tunnel'???? I feel the need to google that immediately because it sounds like something I want to participate in.

    1. i think i linked the christmas tunnel website! it's just a giant tunnel of christmas lights that you drive through - which normally would be like whatever. but since the guy who designed the ice castles made it, i think it might be worth a try!

  6. i love your bucket list! &&&&& i hope you take pictures & post about every single one, cause i want to live vicariously through your christmas bucket list, especially the christmas light tunnel (HOW COOL!?) & the christmas street in sugar house, i have never heard of that!


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