our tahitian babe is home!

HAPPY DAY!! ciara is home from tahiti (and just in time for christmas!) 

she got home tuesday of finals week, (literally the worst possible timing) but after some MAJOR finagling, i front-loaded all my finals on monday. those last few days before monday were probably some of the most stressful of my existence, (hello, if you don't pass all of these graduation & life is put on hold) but i made it out alive and it was all 100% worth it to hug that girl!!

we could only make it a 24 hour trip (jordan still has finals and we are somehow supposed to pack up our house by friday?? that should be fun) so we stayed up way too late after her flight got in, soaking up the few hours we had before we needed to head home. when we finally dozed off, i think ciara had been up for something like 27 hours? 

ciara had us all in tears while she bore her testimony to the stake president, and then proceeded to gift me a tahitian dress as soon as we arrived home. (which i will not be taking off for the entirety of christmas break.) that girl is the BEST and having her home is bliss!