thanksgiving 2015.

thanksgiving in numbers:

number of times i overate even though i promised myself i wouldn't? at least 10. maybe 20.

number of christmas movies watched? two & a half. entirely too low.

times jordan and i argued about katniss being a worthy female heroine and protagonist? two.

miles biked along the greenbelt, despite the freezing cold? six.

giant christmas trees visited? three.

pies consumed? four.

our thanksgiving holidays is already a hazy blur. we had an entire eight days back in boise - so i thought time would creep by. instead, the days all softened into a vacation of full stomachs and "funny fail videos" on instagram, and it all went by in like .8 seconds. i didn't touch my computer or my textbooks once. it was pretty great, and i tried not to think about that fact that this will probably be our last thanksgiving with family for a while.

one morning i swam laps with my baby sister. (when i say baby, i mean she is 14. so weird.) after our swim, a hot tub soak and a steam room session, we saw that it was snowing outside. really soft, quiet, mini snowflakes. the windows to the poolroom were all fogged up and as we ran to the car, snowflakes dotted our wet hair. there was something so cozy about those clouded windows and the tiny snowflakes and shivering in the car in our towels while we blasted the heat and giggled at our goggle lines. i think that might have been my favorite memory from the holiday.

my dad is officially done with chemo (!!) and he even let me draw some eyebrows on him for family pictures! that was exciting. we're still waiting for him to get his energy back, but seeing that burden lifted off of my family has been such a blessing.

on the actual holiday, i made my mom take me to a crossfit gym that her friend runs. she almost passed out from going too hard (sorry mom) but there is something about a beastly workout that makes thanksgiving dinner so much more satisfying. so what, i ate 6,000 calories today? my abs and butt are so sore so i don't feel (that) fat! we pretty much napped and snacked the day away, but somehow got our butts to the movies for a late showing of hunger games.

we did a rope course saturday night that was like, "i am sweating in this nerdy helmet" type of hard, and i break danced beforehand on the floor while in some sort of hyper sugar-coma. the girls got our nails done and we visited every giant christmas tree in boise and we laughed enough that i am still experiencing holidays blues 5 days later.

ps i graduate from college (!!!!!!!!) in two weeks.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving! That is wonderful that your dad is done with chemo, I can't imagine how difficult that must be to go through. Congratulations on graduating college! I graduate from my current program in like two weeks and I CAN NOT WAIT! Also I just LOVE that you and your sisters all have different colors of hair, red, blonde and brown. I just think that is so awesome.

  2. what a wonderful thanksgiving vacation! also hooooray that your dad is done with chemo!! <3

    also your christmas to-do list i'm just going to use as the reference for how i'm spending the rest of december k thx

  3. CONGRATS ON (almost) GRADUATING! that is so exciting! i've never been to boise, or even idaho, but you make me want to.

  4. Your family looks like an amazing one! And congrats on almost graduating! I can't even imagine how exciting that is.

  5. Your Thanksgiving looks absolutely perfect! You're practically a domestic goddess. And you and your brown haired sister look so much alike! Also congrats on graduating, that's so exciting!!

  6. your thanksgiving sounds soo nice! i'm so happy for you & your family that your dad is finished with chemo, that is such a major milestone. i can imagine how happy your family is. congrats on (almost) graduating! so exciting!!! i think it would be more exciting to graduate before christmas rather than in june cause it gives you more of a reason to celebrate, right!? also, you are serioudly photogenic. i think that in all of your pictures


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