2015 in review.

2015. holyyyy cow!! never before have i looked back at a year and feel like i was a totally different person when it started. our lives have changed so much - in the very best ways. it was, without a doubt, our biggest growing year. jordan and i learned that we work pretty well together under pressure - our biggest accomplishment, easily, was growing closer together through a summer of spending very skant time together. our second biggest accomplishment was graduating college! woooo!

together - we were able to take several trips down to southern utah, we enjoyed lake powell for the first time together, we learned how to find an apartment in san francisco in 48 hours, (yikes) we had countless adventures in our city by the bay, and drove down the coast to big sur. we watched a lot of our close friends get married and spent a LOT of time in the mountains together. we welcomed both of our sisters home from missions and attended several sessions of conference, both in april and october - and finished off our year at the motab christmas concert. we took several mini road trips to park city and mccall, and we celebrated three whole years (!!!) of marriage by partying at the grand america. we went to lots of parties and ate so much good food. so much good food!

i- cried a lot and had a lot of moments where i thought i would completely break down - but i laughed a lot more than i cried and had a lot of moments where i felt blessed, more than i ever felt despair. i survived a whole summer as an investment banking widow and actually adapted pretty well to the lifestyle. i pushed myself through one last semester with approximately 0% motivation and learned to appreciate good friends more than ever before - ones that genuinely want the best for you and bring out your best self. i got a little better at balancing every aspect of my busy life and pretty much ran myself dry trying to squeeze in every last ounce of fun before we left utah.

come at us, sixteen! we're ready for ya!


  1. your year sounds like it was so, so good. i can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you guys!!


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