2016 - be as you wish to seem.

fresh start january!! hello & welcome! i am consistently motivated by other people's resolutions - they see a new start and they want to be better than they were last year. they want to make their lives better and enrich the lives of those around them. they want to take better care of their bodies and learn more. the cumulation of everyone's efforts are like an encouragement serum for me! it makes me feel better about humanity in general and i want to be a part of the movement.

photo by my incredibly talented friend madison

this year starts out a little different for me - i am starting the new year with nothing concrete to work on - no school goals (i officially graduated with better grades than i expected, so hooray for that!) no work goals, nothing but a big expanse of time to work on..........myself. on one hand, this is so exciting! i am going to become a scriptorian and write a book and get a six pack and watercolor one thousand things! on the other hand, who's going to hold me to these goals every day? how will i know i am progressing without any concrete means of measurement? anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE being busy/productive. i love feeling a sense of accomplishment every day. these next few months are going to stretch me, but i am hopeful that i've got it in me to stick it out and progress in REAL ways.

my theme for this year is be as you wish to seem.  (last year it was simplify and magnify) i've had this pinned on pinterest for ages, but i took a second glance at it this week and my sister in law told me, "that reminds me of you." i especially like it as a theme because it's multi-faceted. i get to decide, what do i wish to seem like? and then go and be that person. whether i am at a major crossroads or making daily choices, i can ask myself, am i working towards becoming the kind of person i wish to seem like? i love the idea of taking the best bits and pieces of those people around me and using it to build myself.

who i want to become:

the people i most admire are contagiously positive, they never limit themselves and are the type of people that get shiz done. (for lack of a better term.) they live whole-hearted, genuine lives and give their all to everyone around them. 

they're vulnerable and unafraid of their imperfections. they forgive easily, are kind and sweet in their nature - they treat everyone around them like gold. 

they hold their beliefs with fierceness but they aren't afraid of differences. they don't ever feel the need to put themselves above or below anyone else, because their too busy living their own happy lives. they are organized and on top of things. they can be counted on to follow through - always. they are responsible. 

they make the best of every day, every relationship, every situation. they are exciting, energetic, full of life. they let god into every part of their lives and lift everyone they meet. their lives are a reflection of their choice to see the best in everyone. this is the type of the person i want to become.

a few goals to get there:

>>> re-dedicated yourself to personal study of the scriptures. make every prayer meaningful and seek out ways to strengthen your connection with heaven. make that the ground you stand on and measure each day by your spiritual growth. study the book of mormon daily and a conference talk weekly.

>>> try to get something significant out of every hour of church. really focus on feeling the spirit and take notes if needed. (11 o clock church this year makes this goal a little more attainable heyooo!)

>>> cultivate your talents by making time-sensitive goals each week. to start out: paint for at least 2 hours a week, and work on the ukulele or calligraphy for another 2 hours a week.

>>> at the very least, get through 3 books a month. pick books that have depth, make you think, teach concepts, and make you laugh. read all 12 books on this book list and participate in the conversation.

>>> be a better example of christ. this summer, i was surrounded by non-members and i generally did a better job blending in than anything else. as jordan and i move to new york and then on to san francisco, i want to do a better job at actively being a disciple of christ, of not being afraid to talk religion, and of being A-OK with being "different."

>>> get back to 2-a-days at the gym, at least 3 times a week for the next few months. (9 workouts per week.) re-dedicate yourself to heathy living and heathy eating. get out of the mentality of "cheat days/not cheat days" and replace it with "taking care of my body with everything i put into it." this means no caffeine. none, kayla! no caffeine!!

>>> throw yourself 100% into any service you can. seek out the missionaries and help them every time they ask, give your all to each church calling you receive, and most importantly, focus on serving your family, especially your husband, in small ways, every day.

>>> be a good long-distance friend. seek out life updates from friends you don't live near, through phones calls and text messages weekly.

>>> complain less and compare less. catch yourself doing it and knock it off.

>>> be a little more chill. go with the flow, have less expectations for people around you. you don't have to have grandiose plans every weekend & it's ok for life to be "boring" on occasion. stop setting so many expectations for yourself in terms of fun you're having - it doesn't make you a better person.

>>> this one is a little vague, and you can't really understand what it means unless you're me, but i still need it here for my sake. HAVE HOPE. trust that things will work out for the best and that your future will be exponentially happier. believe that you will have more good luck and that you deserve more good things coming your way. stay positive about every aspect of your future, & never let yourself get down on it.

>>> and lastly,  my never-ending goal to be a LITTLE better every day. smile a little more, try a little harder, push a little further. be a little better each hour of each day.

if anyone has any other themes, words, or ideas regarding resolutions i would LOVE to hear them! now bring it on, sixteen!!!!!!


  1. You are going to write a book?! I'm writing a book! Let's share ideas and edits!!

  2. your resolutions are all so, so good. i really love your last goal to be a LITTLE better every day, i think that is something that everyone can easily strive for but forget about, i know i definitely do. so thanks for reminding me :)

  3. I love everything here! And I especially love your theme. It's easy for people to talk about how they want to seem to other people, but really, the best way to get there is to BE! Which is obviously harder haha :) But I really love this :) Good luck on all your goals!

  4. i love these goals and how...just good they are ha. i love the focus on who you want to become, and then specific ways you're going to get there. good luck!! this year is going to be a good one xx

  5. I love this, and I absolutely love the idea of choosing a 'theme' for the year. I want to do something like that, now I need to go look at my pinterest quotes board haha. Anyway, I think you have some fantastic goals on here and I wish you the best of luck with all of them. The 'no caffeine' goal sounds hard though, not gonna lie. Diet Dr. Pepper is my main vice and I've been thinking forever and ever that I need to quit but the caffeine withdrawal is a real thing... so yeah. If you learn any good caffeine quitting tips on your journey let me know!

  6. These are really inspirational. I love that your goals aren't just about doing better in life, but are about BEING better. Love that you are reaching for more than just "superficial" achievements. Don't get me wrong, I love, love whenever anyone sets out to better their life, I feel like these are more unique. Thanks for sharing with us all.


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