happy list 15.

+ getting SO into making a murderer that i literally jump into bed every night and i'm all HIT PLAY, JORD!! (there's a reason it swept the nation. so good.)
+ the way a cheat meal tastes after you've earned it with a week of chicken and veggies. (he he it's been a while.)
+ getting a bachelor-watching buddy and finally understand half of my twitter feed. 
+ my new calligraphy starter kit !!
+ the book, "where'd you go, bernadette?" and how subtly witty it is. 
+ showing jordan's parents our favorite indian food at bombay house & having them freak over it. 
+ teaching with the missionaries.
+ planning a trip to vegas with my girls!
+ during vegas texting conversation, spelling it "circ de sole" bc i didn't even want to try.
+ pink sunrises that are unobstructed by mountains. 
+ when my siblings fight over who gets to talk to me first.
+ christmas light displays in january #christmasisntover


  1. Bachelor though...
    so obnoxious already. I love it.
    But lace has got to GO.

  2. We just started making a murder last night and I'm already excited to go to bed so we can watch more of it haha!! Also, bombay house!! YES!!! Easily my favourite place to go. I'm craving it now ha

  3. KAYLA. I need a bach buddy!! Who do you watch it with?!

  4. all of these things are a big YES.
    also we are two episodes into MAM and i cannot stop thinking about it.

  5. You are so cool. I had more than 6 months of no work, no school, and I didn't do nearly enough with it. I wish I was a go-getter like you because I just feel like you're going to do so many fun and productive things during this time! So excited for you and so excited to hear about everything else you do! :)

  6. Where'd you go Bernadette is hilarious! Love that book :) and bachelor is so much better when you have a buddy. I finally convinced my husband to be my buddy, although he'd never admit that to a soul ;)


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