life lately.

+ life has been slow this month. calm. tranquil. quiet. it was driving me absolutely NUTS at first, (resulting in several tearful breakdowns) because my life has never been so uneventful and frankly, i don't know how to navigate this territory. i am learning to steer into the skid, though. i feel my expectations for life to be a busy ball of fun 24/7 melting away, and i am feeling more comfortable with puttering around home, going to the gym a few times a day, and spending an afternoon reading. (oh, and binge watching making a murderer. #sobasic but i don't care bc it's quality tv!) content would be a good way to describe it -there is a quiet satisfaction with staying home, a satisfaction that is still pretty foreign to me, but that i am learning to love. also, the family time is SO CHOICE. i really can't get enough of my in-laws or my siblings. 

+ per usual, as soon as i get a little comfortable with the leisurely, life picks up :) in the next two months i think we spend two weekends at home? we are headed to mccall idaho for some snow, then to vegas for some girl time, then over to wyoming for cabin time + snowmobiling, down to utah for a wedding, and the list goes on.. needless to say, the change of pace will be a little more my style. i am pumped!

+ i have been networking and emailing around since the day i got to boise, seeing if someone, somewhere, needed my help in tv. i knew that adding a little work into my open schedule would help me feel fulfilled and keep my head in the game. but....being a college graduate (can't be an intern) that is only here until june (only 4 months to work) made me pretty undesirable. however, god seems to always pulls through for me. (love that guy!) by some miracle, i connected with a local lifestyle show that saw my previous experience in the field and basically handed me a position on a silver platter the second i walked in. they're drafting up a short term contract for me but if all goes well, i will continue to produce for the show remotely after we move. i cannot emphasize the following phrase enough - like what?? i don't know when my streak of good career luck will end, but i am riding this wave for now!! i am thrilled to go somewhere where i really feel like i have a lot to contribute, instead of being a meek little intern. YAY for big girl life!!!

+ this past weekend, jordan and i watched my cousin's three kids while they took a quick trip for a funeral. i was mega nervous - i guess i just realized that i don't really know what to do with kids? my youngest sister is 15 so i haven't babysat in a hot second & i feel totally clueless as to how to entertain and keep three kids alive for a few days??? the three year old wanted breakfast saturday morning and i literally was like, "can a three year old eat cereal by herself? won't the spoon be way to big for her mouth? can she even lift a metal spoon???" I DON'T KNOW THESE THINGS. (i spoon fed her just to be safe.) although in no universe are jordan and i prepared to have three kids, they made me a little hungry for one, i can't deny it. (isn't babysitting other people's kids supposed to be birth control? come on!) on saturday night before her bed-time meltdown, the three year old chloe kept running up to me, squeezing my cheeks really intensely and squealing "you so cuuuuuute!" kissing me on the mouth and running away. i pretty much started sobbing right there, it was adorable. 

+ and lastly, i just noticed this weird habit that i have a few days ago. guys, it's really odd. brace yourself. okay - i explain everything i am doing while i do it - like in "tutorial" fashion. i noticed that i do this while i apply my makeup (must be watching too many makeup videos, oops) but it has bled to other parts of my life. i explained how to properly clean the toilet yesterday. then i talked myself through my shower - shampooing, conditioning, shaving, the whole enchilada. i explained the proper form to myself while i do push-ups. today, i explained how to roll up sleeves jcrew style as i rolled up the sleeves of my jean jacket. ???????????? is this wacky or what? maybe it's not that weird, but it gives me this weird sense of satisfaction like i really know what i'm doing. like there's an invisible student standing next to me saying, "you roll those sleeves girl! look at that neat crease!" IDK. maybe there's a support group for this shiz. 


  1. hahaha the last paragraph made me lol. i love it. haha you never know. maybe you're just preparing yourself in CASE you ever need to walk someone through cleaning a toilet. you never know!

  2. Hahaha! Literally laughing out loud about your "odd habit". haha you're so cute.

  3. hahaha the last paragraph is amazing, i love it. you & jordan are champs for babysitting three kids! i'm about to have my second & i cannot imagine babysitting three of them! haha good on you. also- i totally have similar questions on the daily about what kids can & can't do, it doesn't seem to go away when you have your own kids!


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