our christmas 2015.

i know we're already 2 weeks out from christmas, yikes! i meant to post about our christmas this week, but i took myself off of caffeine monday morning and MY HEAVENS. you guys! my body has been in complete revolt for the last five days, with gnarly migraines and consuming nausea on top of dwindling energy. my body feels angry at me, like it's literally saying WTF to me every second of every day. it's pretty much taking all i have in any given moment not to cry and/or murder every living thing. (any caffeine survivors out there have any advice?) getting off of caffeine has been a long time coming - i have slowly become more & more dependent over the past few years, but i was always taking 18 credits or working full time or involved in something where i needed to be on the ball every day - no exceptions. i finally have an opportunity to rid my system of it's crystal light energy dependency, and it is literally the hardest thing my body has ever had to do. ANY thoughts or advice would be much appreciate. ANYWAY, i digress.

our christmas was magical and relaxing and much more enjoyable than i had expected. (i've talked a lot here about the stress of juggling two families, but each year we do so much better!) because the next two years it is VERY unlikely that we will make it home for christmas, i wanted to make this one count. (it was also our first christmas home with both sisters and our last christmas with my brother before his mission, so HELLO pressure!) 

our annual picture with our 4 foot tree that i adore :)

the stastny side of the family somehow rounded everyone up (from their varying homes across the world) for a group picture on the 23rd. after, we packed up our life into my in-laws horse trailer and headed to boise! 

can we talk about how cozy the stastny house it? i love that tree!
on christmas eve, it blizzard-ed this giant, soft, fluffy flakes ALL DAY. we had to drive under 30 miles per hour every where we went because it was a total white out, but with kenny g christmas on and not a care in the world, it was SO DANG COZY! it finally quit for a few hours, so my sisters and i snuck into our next door neighbors yard (who was out of town) so we could wreck their perfect snow while keeping our yard smooth and pristine. he he he he

and on christmas eve my mother in law gifted us VS pajamas, which i was super pleased about. 

on christmas day, we spent the morning serving the homeless at a restaurant called "old chicago" - they have a program where they bus people in for a hot meal, gifts, and christmas games for kids. i'm not going to lie, when i first heard this was our plan i was ticked. i wanted to spend the holiday relaxing with family, (again, this is our last christmas for a while!) not with a bunch of strangers - and i knew this would take all morning, pushing back the time we would get with my family. hi, i'm really selfish. 

when christmas morning rolled around, i was just kind of like "well whatever i'll just make the most of this" and i was dead wrong about the entire experience. not only did i get to bond with my in-laws, but a lot of jordan's ward was there and the opportunity to share this morning together really brought me closer to them. (jordan's ward is kind of like his extended family. they do ev-er-y-thing together) i was assigned to serve and bus tables, so i got the opportunity to sit down and interact with a lot of the people that came in, and they were suuuuch a delight! one table had me crying, i was laughing so hard. (it was two single guys, tatoo-ed to the nines telling me how much they loved the movie "the notebook." i LOL just thinking about it.) 

the whole morning felt very christmas-ey, it was so neat to spend the morning working together as a team, and i'm not sure why, but i had so much FUN!! not in this sappy "oh i felt the christmas spirit burning in my heart" way - although i'm sure that's part of it. it was just a total blast, and jordan and i resolved to find something like this, where we can spend part of our day serving, next christmas in SF. 

patterned socks are kind of my family's "thing" and christmas was no exception
the day after christmas we drove up to garden valley to go sledding - we were supposed to go last year, but tragically i broke my ankle the night before. (i was convinced i was still going to go - since they pull you up the hill on your tube, i said, "i'll just hobble around at the bottom!" and my mom was like LOL kayla you scrub we're not going.)

this place is insane, i think they clocked us flying down the hill at 37 miles per hour (in a train of 6 people, no less.) we caught a few epic gopro shots:

and that capped off the most fabulous christmas weekend. can't wait for next year's christmas in the city!


  1. Looks like you guys had such a good time! ... Now i miss Christmas already.

  2. Hi there.
    I'm new around here. So glad I found your blog!
    I miss the snow!!! :(


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