stastny winter cabin extravaganza 2016.

the stastny cabin in star valley is pretty spectacular in all four seasons, but i think it's the best in the winter. let me just set the scene for you here: 

the coziest, am i right? 

since i started work at cbs, i am constantly checking my phone, sending emails, fixing minor hiccups and miscommunications, texting with the host about future ideas. kind of like i snack all day, i graze-work from morning to bed. i welcomed the absence of service with OPEN ARMS and loved that for a few days, my phone turned into nothing but a camera and my scriptures. i was 100% in the moment at all times and felt totally isolated from all responsibility. that was easily the most blissful part of the whole trip. 

ferrying people and luggage and food and bedding several miles by snowmobile, and then heating up a cabin that only has two wood burning stoves is an ordeal, let me tell you - but once we were situated, it was DELIGHTFUL. we pulled sleds behind the snowmobiles, made snow-caves and a homemade luge run, played approximately 1,000 games, were all converted to "adult coloring" books, i took an impressive amount of cat-naps and read an entire book. on valentine's day, these huge fluffy flakes fell from the sky all stinkin' day & it was beyond beautiful. being holed up in  snowy cabin, totally removed from the world with these people is paradise!

this kid is something else, i love him.


  1. cabins are LIFE. ahhhh it looks so so so fun. also, that first pic of you and jordan is GOLD, my friend. please blow it up and hang it on your wall for eternity.

  2. This looks and sounds like a dreeeeeam.


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