taking stock 10.

loving: being a producer. i have thrown my hands in the air out of exasperation a LOT lately (haha) and i've had plenty of moments where i think, "what have i gotten myself into..?" but in my heart, i truly love it. i look forward to work and am enjoying pushing myself as a writer.

recommending: that you go see "the big short." we saw a late showing last week & i was expecting to snooze through the second half (it IS a movie about finance after all...) but i was captivated. the story is so compelling & it blows my mind that it all happened in my lifetime, with me being nearly oblivious to it. (it's about the housing market crash of 2008 and how it almost ruined the entire world economy.) banking is a really complex and fascinating industry. (i might be biased there, haha) and my man christian bale NAILED his performance. (so did steve carrell and ryan gosling and brad pitt.) best movie i've seen in a long while.

appreciating: the thought the j put into my valentine's card. he went through and starred about 15 places on a map of SF that are meaningful to us, and made it into a card. on v-day, we went through each star and reminisced about each memory - remembering all of those good times was a really sweet gift. this week we are going on a few dates to continue the celebration because i milk every holiday for ALL it's worth. it's my brand.

a little bummed: that my brother's senior basketball season is over - i loved watching him play! (and i love watching jordan almost get kicked out of games because he just can't NOT lost it with the refs. it's actually really funny/cute.) i am 100% obsessed with that kid, he is the most adorably perfect 18 year old.

freaking out about: the fact that said brother's mission papers were turned in last week!! AH! can't wait for that call to come in the mail!

obsessed with: bachelor recaps on snapchat. v hilarious. (anybody else 100% bored with lauren?? shoot me now.)

watching: arrested development again - this time with j. it's way funnier than i remember, even though i loved it the first time. i just CANNOT get over gob's chicken impression.

 looking forward to: this weekend! after four weekends on road trips, i'm excited to go out to dinner with my babe and go to church (whoops) and not worry about packing a bag.

cooking: lettuce wraps and chicken burritos. i've been trying to push myself to cook a few weeks, but this is as fancy as we've gotten so far. but slow clap to me for even cooking at all, right??!

 reading: "brooklyn" - the book that the best picture nominee is based on. i love "coming on age" stories where it's less about the plot and more about getting lost in a world and set of characters. it's a good one.

remembering: how perfect boise sunsets and sunrises are. without any obstructions, the sky is endless and when it's all lit up like cotton candy it feels like you're in a willy wonka factory.

listening to: amy poehler's "yes please." it's no bossypants or why not me - but it's good. she has a lot of really solid advice and funny anecdotes and her work ethic is inspiring. my favorite advice is when she talks about stressing out - how the stressing out somehow seems necessary, but the stressing only gets in the way of doing what you want to do, and it's not part of the doing. so she just says instead of stressing just focus on the doing - that's the only thing that'll get you anywhere. why is this such hard advice to take? idk but i love it.

touched: at the outpouring of congratulations i received upon getting my job at cbs. i feel especially grateful for friends who are genuinely happy when good things happen for you. in the past year or i have noticed that not everyone will be happy when you experience success - people will poke holes and find imperfections and criticize you and even mock the good things in your life. i'll have to write in detail about this sometime, i but i am just grateful for girlfriends that can be genuinely excited for you.

appreciating: the sunshine that's been peeking out the last few days. this winter, idk why, has felt especially brutal and long. glad to see spring hinting to its appearance!


  1. i hear so many good things about "yes please" and i really want to get my hands on it now!! how have i not seen the bachelor recaps on snapchat???? whaaaaaat. i need to get on that immediately


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