viva las vegas.

we've been talking about a quick girls trip for ages, so a few weeks ago cassidy and i picked a weekend and said, "okay - we are 100% committed to this even if we are the only 2 going!" luckily we roped two other friends into going, secured our spots in another friend's extra bedroom, and off we went!

after arriving late friday night, we spent the day saturday wadering the strip, dancing to the bellagio water show, eating shake shack, playing with lindsay's perfect little babe, and paying slot machines. (the selfie stick made several appearances and was an important staple of the trip. also, babbitt won 70 bucks on her first try on the slots, what!!) when the sun started to set we headed over to the "high roller" - a ferris wheel type observation deck that takes you over 500 feet up. the views were pretty spectacular.

sunday morning we toured the "neon museum" (it was totally on an episode of the bachelor!) and it was the COOLEST. it's basically a junkyard of vintage signs from old casinos, hotels, and resorts in vegas. some of them are crazy old, and our tour guide was super into it. after a pit stop at shake shack and a picture with the fabulous las vegas sign, we were out! mega quick but super packed. 

until next time, vegas!


  1. the filter on these pics are so like...retro. I love it! Also, shake shack...yeeeees!!! It's not a vegas trip without stopping these! Also, also, the vintage vegas signs totes reminds me of the Bachelor haha


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