winter carnival take 3.

as a dedicated advocate of fall, i have been surprised as how much i have loved winter this year. if i get all bundled and stay warm, i cannot get enough of the crisp air and the white snow!! we stayed in theeeee most gorgeous cabin in mccall, idaho (with heated floors, hallelujah!) with a group of friends last weekend and everywhere you turned was a bona-fide winter wonderland. five foot long icicles hanging off of the roof, big, wet snowflakes - but the white snow against deep green trees is my favorite.

right?? riiiiight????!

my mother in law is the BOMB

again with the peace signs, what is my deal???

we snowmobiled in a legit sideways-snow blizzard and played games and soaked in some hot springs and saw tons of ice sculptures, but my favorite HAD to be the elk ride. we all piled in a horse-drawn cart and were driven out to an elk reserve where they EAT THE BAILS OF HAY YOU SIT ON. as in - we were giggling because the elk noses keep ramming us in the butt. it was a little close for comfort (not a wildlife girl) but it was eerily cool. we were all completely enamored with the HUGE animals - i even gathered enough courage to pet a few. (against the rules) (total rebel) we saw a few of the males spar, too! total drama queens.

my true feelings about antlers being that close to my face

because i have antlers, big LOL's


  1. hahaha i am obsessed with the picture of your "true feelings about antlers" haha. and you sure can rock that antler look!

  2. Adorable !!
    It's all about doing fun things that you can ONLY do in winter. I miss winter. I used to live in ohio but now I'm out in our winter is hardly a winter at all. I'd kill for a night in that cabin. Adorable!

  3. Oh-my-gosh! I love this more than your southern utah vacation post! This looks absolutely amazing. How did you guys book such a cool cabin?

  4. Hahaha the pictures of you and those elk! Love it. I've also been a huge fan of winter this year. Sometimes winter can be just yucky but when you get all the nice fluffy snow and great magical experiences like getting to stay in a cabin (jealous) then it makes it a lot more enjoyable, for sure.

  5. wooooaaaaah! haha your face with the elk. this is rad. we went to a cabin in Heber for a work retreat and it kinda reminded me of this! I am starting to come around to liking winter!

  6. If your m in l is anything as awesome as your own mom, she's got to be great. You're mom is basically the coolest.

    1. could NOT agree with you more. i snagged the two best mom's and i'm very pleased about it!

  7. Haha so many fun pics! And thanks about my trees and table! We got the table at a garage sale for like $10 and then Russ sanded the top down and stained it black :)


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