March 23, 2016

seattle photos.

we spent the beginning of last week in seattle - the trip was short and a mossy, cloudy whirlwind but i'm so glad we went for three reasons, 

1. as much as my particular in-laws are best-case scenario in-laws to live with, the fact of the matter is that we are still living with my in-laws. ya know? some me-jordan time had been in order for a while! 

2. how do i always forget how much i adore the PNW?! it's a good thing to be reminded of - how different pockets of my own country can be as fun and exciting to visit as anything foreign. i love the intense green everywhere, how everything surrounded by forests makes it all feel forbidden and magical, the cherry blossoms and the gloominess that is so cozy. (although, this is our third trip to seattle and we have only encountered two small rain showers in our combined trips. i think this place loves us back.)

3. we got to visit my friend annie and her fat baby rosalie. they are both perfection and annie is one of those kindred spirits, of which you only get a few in this lifetime. 

now prepare yourself for an inordinate amount of iphone pictures:

the view from annie's deck - HEART EYE EMOJI

could you just die this instant? those pointed toes! baby rosie you are an angel. (i have shown this picture to aprroximately 4800 people since we got home, i cannot get over it.)

ugh! those mossy stairs!

the cherry blossoms on UW campus right now are lookin' SO GOOD!

March 7, 2016

it's march already?!

gosh, time is such a weirdo! most days i feel like my life is moving sooo sloooow. the hours pleasantly trudge along, and then one random day they will wiz by and leave me spinning. then march first flies in out of nowhere and reminds me that our halfway mark here in boise is approaching? what!? 

my mind does this thing where i settle in and adapt to places very quickly. when we're on vacation, by the third day i have this sense of "this is my life now" (haha) and forget about anything beforehand. when we have moved, it doesn't take very long for me to feel like, "okay this is home now. we do a, b and c during the day." but the strange this is - being here in boise, this still doesn't feel like my life. two months later and it still feels transitional. i like this, i don't feel complacent and feel a need to soak up our family time.

anywho - here are a few things we've been up to. first off, because it's the most exciting, my little brother got his mission call!!! he's going to los angeles speaking spanish and we are all 100% THRILLED. a shiz ton of his friends showed up to see him open it, so our house was a cesspool of hormones for a second - but it was neat to see so many of his friends excited for him.

i have no clue where his cool genes came from (prom king runner up, star of the basketball team, friends with everybody) but they are perfectly balanced out by the fact that he has the kindest, sweetest heart. he is the first to stand up to bullies, makes all of his friends feel included, and homeboy has his head on straight. he is spiritually on top of it and is the first teenager i have ever known who's parents trust him completely. (that certainly wasn't me in high school, jeez) like seriously. you're making all of the other siblings look bad, talm. 

talm and his fan club
we got to spend a weekend in utah celebrating my cousin kade and his adorable wife nikki. (and swoon at the BC temple.)

mom, ruining our pictures since 1994

afterward, we zipped down to provo - where the basketball was a bummer but the cougar tail certainly was not!

oh, and this was the weekend where we got addicted to face swap. it pretty much gives me nightmares but I CANT STOP.

we spent a saturday snowshoeing up at bogus basin - although we got a teensy lost and it took several hours longer than originally planned, it was one of those wonderfully disastrous adventures. also please notice that jordan and i wore matching beanies and it was real cute.

i keep seeing "selfie sunday" pictures around social media and i think it's such a cute idea- to have a consistent record by taking a photo every sunday. i resolved to adopt this tradition in january, and look! we did it an entire one time. #winning

i have not been taking idaho sunsets for granted, and i've been forcing jordan on long walks every time the temperature rises above 60. spring is approaching! glory hallelujah!

i really feel like something inside of me comes alive when the weather starts to get warm again. you know when there's still a tiny chill in the air, but you force yourself outside to feel the sun on your skin? and, in my case, i listen to planes fly overhead and let myself soak up the rays and turn them into positive energy and a sense of hopefulness. i love the sunshine! those moments of warmth bring me back to my childhood. i'm not even positive why that is, but i am a sun baby through and through - blame it on being an arizona child maybe.

LOL at jordan's perfectly placed feet here. v proper of him. 

we've been exploring all the top yelp-rates in boise, so this past weekend brought us to a restaurant called fork. we ordered a bunch of appetizers and it was all pretty good - but the grilled cheese-tomato-soup fondue is what my dreams are made of. (i hurried and ate it all so jordan barely got any, sorry dude.)

while we waited for our reservation at said grilled cheese heaven, we tried to use the selfie stick to get a cute shot in front of the ever-changing murals at freak alley. idk what happened because we have used the stick before, but we were really struggling and ended up with over 100 accidental shots of us looking confused, it was pretty hilarious.

but we did manage to snag this one:

pre-cursor: jordan and i are NOT politically affiliated and although jordan is pretty current on politics, i don't even PRETEND to have a fully educated opinion on most real political issues. (although, my hatred of trump still runs pretty deep.) that being said, our friend's nephew is on marco rubio's campaign team, and we were invited to sit front row at one of his speaking engagements. we said, "why not!" because we thought it would be cool to see part of the process - and it was! over 3,000 people showed up, several hecklers were escorted out, and i felt a little mushy for a second about how much i love my country. plus we got a free marco rubio sign that we have nothing to do with!

look, there i am! snapchatting my little heart out!
and here's a few more selfies, because you obviously haven't seen enough of my face already in this post.

happy march and happy almost-spring, blog world!!!