seattle photos.

we spent the beginning of last week in seattle - the trip was short and a mossy, cloudy whirlwind but i'm so glad we went for three reasons, 

1. as much as my particular in-laws are best-case scenario in-laws to live with, the fact of the matter is that we are still living with my in-laws. ya know? some me-jordan time had been in order for a while! 

2. how do i always forget how much i adore the PNW?! it's a good thing to be reminded of - how different pockets of my own country can be as fun and exciting to visit as anything foreign. i love the intense green everywhere, how everything surrounded by forests makes it all feel forbidden and magical, the cherry blossoms and the gloominess that is so cozy. (although, this is our third trip to seattle and we have only encountered two small rain showers in our combined trips. i think this place loves us back.)

3. we got to visit my friend annie and her fat baby rosalie. they are both perfection and annie is one of those kindred spirits, of which you only get a few in this lifetime. 

now prepare yourself for an inordinate amount of iphone pictures:

the view from annie's deck - HEART EYE EMOJI

could you just die this instant? those pointed toes! baby rosie you are an angel. (i have shown this picture to aprroximately 4800 people since we got home, i cannot get over it.)

ugh! those mossy stairs!

the cherry blossoms on UW campus right now are lookin' SO GOOD!


  1. ahhh the pnw has my heart! isn't it just so dreamy?! also, totttttttally get what you're saying about living with the in-laws. we currently live with my mom & while it has been great/super helpful, somet nights i jsut wanna cuddle up on the couch & watch a movie with just austin. it's the little parts of having our own place that i miss most!

  2. Annie and her husband were in our first married ward in Provo! Even from my brief few months knowing her and talking at random ward functions, I totally got the "kindred spirit" vibe from her. She's just an excellent human.

  3. That baby is totally chunky and I LOVE IT! ;) these photos are so cute. Glad you two had such a fun time!!

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Seems like a fun trip :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE Seattle. These are dreamy. And so is that baby.


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