(shoutout to danica for this blogging idea, it's gold. GBOMB stands for Good, Bad, On My Mind.)

hello blogging world! i have a lot of reasons that i have been absent over here - i haven't had a lot of things to write about that are blog-material and when i have, i honesty haven't felt like sharing. anyway, instead of listing more excuses i'll just get going on this GBOMB!

GOOD: well first things first - we finally booked our dream vacation and i literally can't sleep at night if i think about it too much. !!!!!!!!!!  as many of you that know me and jordan can attest, he is 100% responsible and i am 100% "let's have fun and figure it out later, dude!" neither of us are very good at in-between mode. i live from adventure to adventure and he starts having heart attacks if we don't have a five-figure financial cushion. LOL we are so opposite but it is so good for us to learn from each other! anyway, when i finally talked jordan into pulling the trigger and buying the flights, i'm not going to lie. a few tears slipped out. i am so excited for this!! we head out may 16 to thailand, then we jaunt over to tokyo for a few days, and afterward we are going to tahiti! it's over a month of travel and we're dealing with four different time zones here, but who am i kidding i don't care if i sleep one ounce!

re-watching the hills. i love you, LC.

spending weekends golfing with jordan. (he golfs, i watch.)

we're headed to yellowstone with friends this week, and we're first timers!!

we were able to go to utah last weekend for a sealing in the provo city center temple. between moving and limited time in utah, we were never able to make it to the open house, so thanks sara for picking this temple! the inside feels like an antique palace, and as a shocker to exactly no one, i cried through the entire thing.

during that same trip, we were able to squeeze in time with a lot of really beloved friends and family, and we even raced down to southern utah one day and hiked kanarraville falls. it's such a cliche sentiment, but we have the best people to fill out life with. 

i started working out at orange theory. it's rough and my sweaty hairdo is rarely salvageable after i'm done, but it's the kick in the pants i've been needing for a long time!

we took a trip to sun valley & since they are in between winter and summer season, everything was deserted. it was a dream!

BAD: to be completely frank, the last few months i've been really battling with myself to stay happy.  i have been more blue and lethargic than ever before, i get set off pretty easily, and have been uncharacteristically unable to bounce back from disappointments. my contract ran out at CBS and they were unable to afford the renewal - which came as a total shock to me. without this sense of purpose in my life, i really drifted and struggled to find joy in the every day. my inner voice is pretty critical, but i usually have the energy to fight it and prove it wrong every day. the last few months, i lost all energy to do that, and let it pretty much overtake me. all of the upcoming changes in our life have me fairly occupied now, but i am definitely trying to tread lightly and be kind to myself.

headaches & insomnia have been at an all time high lately, and i wish there were adequate words to express the hopelessness and lack of will to exist that comes with insomnia. (i think the afore-mentioned issues and the sleeplessness go hand in hand.) i'm headed to the doc tomorrow to run a few tests and see if there are some permanent fixes for these heath concerns. 

being in utah, as happy as it was - was a little daunting. moving and change is hard, and every time we spent time with people i just kept thinking to myself, "this is one of your last times with them, this is it, make it count." WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF. we have a lot of great friends and it's so sad to leave them! 

ON MY MIND: as soon as we get back from traveling, we move to NYC for the summer, and then after jordan is done with his work training we have 48 hours to move our butts to SF. 48 HOURS, PEOPLE. i think we have some ideas as to how the hell we are going to do this logistically, but either way real life is about to be thrown on us and it's going to happen real fast! i'm so grateful for our time in NYC though - jordan will work 9-5 training hours and that's a perfect way to ease into more crazy work hours. as hard as this break has been, i will miss these days together. but bring it on adult life!!

100% fascinated by all the mystery and attention surrounding this #lemonade show/album. like can someone please explain to me what is all means?!

conference weekend was perfectly rejuvenating, as always. didn't we all need this reminder?

Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.


  1. k, i love this bomb thing, i'm gonna try it out & hopefully i can stick to it! your life has been so busy! i'm sad for you that your contract ran out, but am excited to see what you find next. its hard to stay say positive but you constantly amaze me how upbeat you are & how hard you try to find the positives, most people would give up & you are always trying. keep trying your best, you have so many wonderful things happening in your life right now! don't be discouraged.

    your trip sounds so amazing! i cannot wait for your pictures. also, your time in NY will be so fun. i'v been dying to go for the last few months but don't think i will b able to for a while, so i'll just live through you :)

  2. insomnia is the worst! I would highly recommend you start taking a magnesium supplement every day. Headaches and insomnia are 2 big signs that your body is deficient of magnesium. Vitamin D supplements can also help! Just my two cents. I know how frustrating insomnia can be. (If you haven't tried melatonin, that has helped me be able to fall asleep in the past)

  3. STOP STOP STOP. Coby and I literally started planning out a trip to Thailand on Sunday. We need to talk! So excited for you!

  4. Also, I'm sorry about the "bad" you've been feeling. That's rough. And let's please talk about Lemonade.

  5. Tristan and I have agreed that our next big trip is to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia so save all your best tips for me! I'm sorry that you've been having a rougher time, I totally get it, and wish I could do something to help. You're amazing!

  6. YOUR TRIP!! AHHHHH SO EXCITING. good job you guys for just going for it!
    and, the contract thing sucks so much but guess what, you always land on your feet.

  7. um hi, also re-watching the hills because my life isn't dramatic enough so HEY LC. feeling so adult now that justin bobby is repulsive - my poor teenage self didn't understand. still 100% obsessing over that white dress.

  8. A month of traveling??! I'm jealous and will definitely be following along and living vicariously through your blog (which I love, by the way).


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