makeup! part 2

i did a giant "fav products" haul last summer, but i have found and tried a lot of new ones since then, so i thought i would share! here's the disclaimer, again - i am not a makeup artist! i just really love makeup and have tried so many products, they pretty much should have already made me the CEO of ulta by now :)


>>> i still would recommend estee lauder's double wear foundation over anything else, but i tried out no7's stay perfect for a month, and i was actually a big fan! it goes on super smooth, has great pigment, and for a third of the price of the double wear, it's a fantastic option. however, i think my skin is just a tad too oily for it - i felt like i got a little more shine that i never get with estee lauder. 

>>> i tried out several different primers, but the ulta brand one just can't be beat! it goes on SO smooth.

>>> another product that i will be using until the day i die is urban decay's de-slick powder.

>>> as a very experienced patron when it comes to bronzers, i was so excited to find lorac's take me to tantego. there are four different shades so you can mix + match to create a shade that fits your current tan - which, for me, is always varying - especially in the summer. two of the four shades have a little shimmer, too!

>>> now let's talk highlighter for a second. i feel like they can be intimidating - the whole contouring madness has me worried im going to leave the house looking like this:

when i want to look like this:

so my advice when it comes to highlighting and contouring is the same as my dating advice - TAKE IT SLOW. lol. 

i received a becca highlighter in a kit, and would just sweep a little bit on the top of my cheekbones occasionally. i still think the totally full contour-highlight is a little too much makeup for my taste, and it's a lot of work! you can spend ten minutes contouring your nose just right so it looks smaller, and then you sweat a little or accidentally smudge it and poof! work deleted! 

instead, i like to just concentrate a little extra bronzer right underneath my cheekbone, and add a few strokes of highlighter right above. if i am feeling extra fancy, i will sweep it over the bridge of my nose. (never on my forehead though, it has plenty of shine problems without highlighter.) i wasn't a fan of the becca highlighter (too much shimmer) but i like this one and this one without ANY shimmer.

HI to my selfie photoshoot - but i was feelin myself this day. but here is the result of a little highlighter:

>>> and speaking of brightening your skin, i like to sweep a little bit of this brightening powder foundation over my liquid foundation - it gives a little glow and makes me feel like i need a little less bronzer. it's definitely not a necessity sort of product, but it's fun.

>>> blush-bronzer combos are seriously the bomb - i usually use them as blush exclusively since i think they look more natural than a straight pink - but i love that they double up! (i really should call this lazy girls guide to expensive makeup haha) i picked up this one in the color "miami" at the birchbox flagship store in soho, and if you're wanting to try a bronzer/blush product THIS IS IT.

>>> i have deep-set eyes and have sleeping issues on and off my whole life, so under eye circles are just my cross to bear. garnier's anti-puff roller was recommended to me and i actually really, really love it. the formula doesn't crease very often, and it glides on cold - which feels like, incredible. it's really soothing. it is supposed to act as a concealer and as a skin product to ultimately reduce undereye puffiness - idk that i have seen my undereye circles really take a hit, but as a concealer, it's a great product.

>>> AAAAAAND i have a new concealer trick that i have fallen in love with! (it's from megan over at the beauty snoop of course) - if you put on your concealer under your eyes and let it sit for 30 seconds-2 minutes before blending it in, the product morphs to your skin temperature and goes on more naturally. you avoid that raccoon eye look that sometimes happens when you're trying to cover up under-eye bags, and the pigment in the product changes slightly to fit with your color better. this trick works with most concealers, but in my experience it works the best with the garnier concealer.


>>> i will die promoting this mascara! if you curl your eyelashes and then coat them root to tip with this product, you will get smooth, even, long lashes. it's just like a leather cross-body bag, it's reliable and you'll need it forever.

>>> however, to add a little va va voom to your look - put a coat of THIS MASCARA on top of your maybelline and then thank me!! (although it is, sadly, NOT better than sex.) almost every time i wear it someone asks, did you get eyelash extensions? this product means business & i'm a big fan.

>>> i'm for SURE a noob when it comes to eyeliner/eyeshadow. i don't really do anything fancy, so bear that in mind when taking my advice for eye makeup. (insert monkey emoji covering his eyes.) i only ever do eyeliner on the top, maybe a little eyeshadow in my crease. (i shared my favorite dramatic eye trick in this blog post where you pile eyeshadow on top of eyeliner to create a thick line, without the precision of using eyeliner.) i am still devoted to this pencil liner and this gel liner.

>>> there are a ton of neutral eye shadow options and i have yet to meet a brown eyeshadow that i didn't love, but currently in my rotation is the laura geller baked shadow in dolce/raisin. the brown shadow has a hint of dark purple and the champage-gold color is really pretty without being too, you know, dramatic. both colors are super pigmented while still being soft. if you're looking to just add a little eyeshadow in your routine - this is a fab place to start. (i am wearing it in the pictures above.)

>>> guys i have FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL of eyebrow products - benefit's goof proof  eye crayon!!! i have previously sworn by the anastasia pencil, and although it was wonderful - the pencil was super thin and it was labor intensive. ain't nobody got time for that! enter the benefit brow bar - i got my brows tinted and shaped on a treat yo self day (i have a lot of those hehe) and they used this twist up crayon to fill in my v v blonde brows. the crayon is shaped like angled brush, so it's like two steps in one. it's super easy to fill in your brows in their natural shape, and it lives up to it's name - it's now pretty hard to screw your eyebrows up ! i am ALL ABOUT THAT.


>>> THIS LIPSTICK in pinky beige is what dreams are made of!!! it is the first time i can honestly say "drugstore price, department store quality." cannot emphasize the importance of this enough !!! the pink color is pretty and feminine but light enough that if it fades, you don't feel like you need to re-apply. this is v important to me because i am constantly eating and whatever is on my lips is constantly being wiped off. anyone else have this issue??

>>> this lip color in "born with it" is my favorite real-life drugstore find. it's a nice neutral color with a creamy formula and at 5 bucks a pop, i can afford to keep one in every bag i own. it's a winner!

and if anyone has any makeup products or tips that they just cannot live without, PLZ SHARE WITH ME!!


  1. Wow you have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to make up! I am the type of person who has used the same three products since the age of 16 and I rarely (actually pretty much - never) venture out. Your tips on highlighting have got me interested though. I really have only ever done eye makeup - eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara and brow stuff, but never foundation, highlighter, bronzer, etc. I think I mostly get intimidated because I don't want to look orange (like above picture of Christina Agulara, ha). So I appreciate your tips!

    1. haha i have literally spent so much time and $$ on makeup, i figure i should share my knowledge. also you have GREAT skin - you're so lucky you don't need foundation!!



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