back to the bay.

hello! just checkin in to say that we made it. we found a cute apartment with wood floors and gorgeous light and a view of the golden gate bridge from the kitchen window, the side deck, & the bedroom deck. !!!!! oh my gosh, how i LOVE my golden girl and how glad i am to be reunited with her. that bridge and i have a really weird connection going on. i think she is my spirit animal. anyway.

the first ten-ish days i was here were hard. we had quite a few hiccups during the moving process (including couches that won't fit up our stairwell & are currently sitting in our neighbor's garage) jordan had horrifically long nights, it was SO cold and foggy, and i just felt lonely overall and completely disenchanted with this place.

then one night after a spin class, i happened upon ina coolbrith park while wandering north beach. the fog had cleared completely, revealing this view:

the cable car at the bottom! heart eyes.

i was taking pictures at the top when this cute old italian stranger said to me, "isn't it gorgeous? i've lived here 25 years and never get sick of this view." i agreed with him & we continued to chat about the sunset, the best pizza in little italy, his golden retriever, but mostly about how enchanting this city is.

he had stars in his eyes while telling me about walking his dog three times a day up the steep hills & his favorite view of the bay and sausalito, stars that are only present when you're passionately in love with your city. while i listened to him talk, my enchantment with san francisco resurfaced from where it had been tucked away & i have felt the stars in my eyes ever since. i am so lucky to be here, and my gratitude to call this city home just keep growing.

so here's to two more years of my love affair with my city by the bay.


  1. WOW. I have always had this secret ambition to live in San Francisco. Such a charming, lovely city. I hope you guys have a great time there, and cannot wait to read more about your adventures.

  2. stop it. that view is killing me.


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