a late anniversary post.

we celebrated our fourth anniversary a little differently this year - up until now, we have always had the freedom to take a trip, stay in a hotel, drag out the celebration for a few days. this year, jordan was barely able to manage an hour long dinner break. ha!

i got stuck in traffic and couldn't find a parking spot while meeting him at his office, so he walked to me & had me get in the passenger seat, since he is a much more aggressive driver. as i saw him approaching, walking in between cars in a crisp suit, flowers in hand, my breath caught in my stomach.

and i guess that's the whole point, my breath still catches in my stomach all the time.

jordan's good friend from his office has come to church with us, and he told jordan specifically about investigating the church, "i want what you have. what you have with kayla." (first of all, he is obviously the sweetest human alive.)

now i am well aware that our relationship is not perfect, we DO NOT have it figured out by any stretch of the imagination, and i am not na├»ve enough to think that we do !!

what jordan's friend wants is a relationship founded on solid, unwavering principles of the gospel, a relationship that is eternal in nature and is treated as such. he wants a relationship where both people feel like holy cow! i hit the jackpot! and a relationship where you support each other, lift each other up and make each other better. he wants someone to trust completely. he wants to be in love.

and I HAVE THAT. and i really, really hope i never lose sight of how special that is.


  1. so wonderful. you guys and your love is so lovely. <3 happy anniversary!!!


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