LP 2016

even though jordan had already started work in sf, he encouraged me to go to lake powell sans himself so i could enjoy one more year with his family. (and wasn't even bitter and didn't complain once, bc he is the best.)

although it killed me a little to be having so much fun knowing that he was working long hours and coming home to an empty apartment to sleep on an air mattress (is that the saddest or what?) i'm so glad i decided to go! lots of laughter-tears were shed, all the games were played and all the books were read, and it was such a good time bonding with some of my favorite ladies.

we encountered a crazy wind storm that blew the house boat onto the beach, i manage to severely pull several muscles in my groin (i guess i can't keep my legs close while cliff diving? that was fun) but sunburns were kept to a minimum and there were no encounters with bats, unlike previous years. (thumbs up emoji)


  1. That last picture is everything great about lake powell. So glad you got to go one last time! (For now... ;)


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