SF LYFE !! (unemployed version)

+ i am headed back to work at ABC7 !! i feel super flattered that they wanted me back, and although the work is little intimidating (ill spend most of my time hunkered at the assignment desk writing up stories) it's a great start for me. im thrilled about being back in the newsroom!

+ because i haven't started work yet, i get to drive jordan to work every morning & that half hour each morning to recap the previous day is EVERYTHING. i still feel connected to him & like he's not a stranger. (yet.)

+ i just need to take a second and praise our ward. OUR WARD!! i had my hesitations about getting this apartment because it wasn't a neighborhood that i wanted, but OH am i grateful now! our downstairs neighbors are lds, as well as two other families on our block. they have welcome us with open arms from day one & within weeks they felt like family. they are SUCH good people and SO down to earth and SUCH good examples to us. they are just what we need!! everyone in the ward has been welcoming and friendly and helpful and just, golden. SUCH good people here.  jordan & i both have callings already and we just feel, more than we ever have before, like this is where we belong.

+ on that same vein, our car broke down in the middle of the financial district a few weekends ago, during rush hour. that was fun. but in our panicked rush to figure out what to do, we realized that we had like, 4 or 5 options of friends to call - friends that we knew could count on. i just cannot get over that. we are so lucky!

+ at lunch with some girlfriends last week, we spent a good portion of the conversation swapping homeless people stories. this is my life now apparently.

+ between saturday sessions of conference we drove to half moon bay to get some pumpkins and get into the fall spirit! on our drive we passed through city, beach, forrest, and golden hills. CA you are the promised land!!


  1. Finally an update!! I'm so glad you are so happy! And also v grateful for you that the ward turned out to be everything you were looking for :)

  2. Awh I've so missed reading your lovely blog! So glad that things are going well for you, apart from the car but then it's wonderful to hear you've got so many good friends that you can rely on. Beautiful pictures as always.

    Abby | Eärendil

  3. Your life! This sounds/looks wonderful. San Francisco has always intrigued me and a small part of me has always wanted to live there. Congratulations and good luck on your new job!


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