thankful list 2016

+ first and most importantly, i am grateful for god's love. i am grateful for the simple knowledge that He exists and is aware of me and loves me. it is the solid foundation of my life & truly, i don't know what i would do without it. i was teaching an atheist woman with the sister missionaries last week and it dawned on me, this woman doesn't believe there is a God. she has never sought out His love specifically, and she is totally unaware of how deeply He cares for her. this wave of sadness washed over me and i haven't been able to fully shake it yet. how grateful i am for that foundation stone in my life.

+ i am grateful for a job that challenges me. it is HARD. it is so hard. i am having to learn at a faster rate than ever before, but i feel invigorated and pushed. the people i work with are the smartest, most savvy people i know and being surrounded by a constant stream of information is a whirlwind. i feel pushed to my limit most days, but it is so fulfilling. i feel really lucky to have snagged this job and (most days) i love this season of my life.

+ i am grateful for this city. it is the most colorful, magical, & charming place on earth. i am grateful for the open-minded and welcoming attitude people have here, i am grateful for the good food, and i am grateful for sunsets on the beach.

+ i am grateful that i love to sweat! exercise is one of my favorite parts of life and i look forward to my workouts every day. i am grateful SF offers such a variety of ways to stay active - from reformer pilates machines to real life fight-training. 

+ I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR CITI GROUP'S PROTECTED SATURDAY'S !!! i cannot emphasize this enough! having a guaranteed day together each week to relax and explore and have my husband to myself is everything. it pulls me through every long day, every early morning, every lonely evening. our time together is so limited and it makes these days so precious.

+ i am grateful for our view of the golden gate bridge & i hope it never loses it's luster. we lucked out so hard with this apartment!

+ i am grateful for our friends here that feel like family. they are all such good, solid, righteous people and they make us feel so loved. (i am fully aware that their love for us is a reflection of them and not us.) i am so glad to have so many people to look up to!

+ i am infinitely grateful for my husband - everything good in my life can be traced back to him. it sounds so cheesy, but it's true - he is my dream guy and our marriage brings me more happiness than i ever thought possible. i am grateful he is willing to work so hard for us. 

+ i am grateful that our apartment building is pink. it makes me happy.

+ i am grateful that urban has such cute sunglasses for so cheap - it fuels my addiction.

+ i am so grateful we are enjoying the holidays in the city this year! i'm sure i will feel a little down when i see my families altogether without me, but i am thrilled to have the holidays just US. we are starting our own traditions i think it will be quiet and cozy and simple and perfect.

+ and lastly, i am grateful for ALL the cheesy hallmark movies on this time of year!