thanksgiving 2016.

jordan and i collectively decided when we first moved here that we would spend our first holiday season in the city. we both just started pretty demanding jobs and the stress of taking time off, scheduling flights (all with no promise that jordan would be able to actually get on the plane...) thanks.

we spent our thanksgiving with our downstairs neighbors, the krogues. this family is a heaven-send !!! not only have they done us 8 million favors since we moved in (everything from switching our laundry, to driving us to retrieve keys late at night, to letting us borrow everything they own) but they have really allowed us to be part of their family, they kinda just adopted us right in. i have many friends that feel like family, but we are entering this more adult stage of life where our friends ARE our family. how fitting for us to spend our day of gratitude with some of the people we certainly are most grateful for. 

the boys played in a turkey bowl while i went to a 90 minute spin/abs class (something so satisfying about an intense sweat before stuffing my face) and we split up the cooking. we ate, laughed, rolled around on the couch for a while, listened to christmas music, and then finally poured ourselves into the car and made it to a movie. 

earlier in the day, i decided to replenished myself after my workout with a few oreos (eye roll) no water, and immediately started to cook in a hot kitchen. by the time dinner rolled around, i was feeling pretty sick and unfortunately, spent a good portion of the rest of the night on the krogue's bathroom floor and the bathroom floor of the movie theater. 

although i was still able to enjoy our holiday, this was definitely a mini-wake up call. i get SO caught up in the excitement of the holidays and fitting it all in and having this great time that often, i forget to stop for a second and take care of myself. so here's to marathoning the christmas fun in a healthy way in which i stay hydrated :)

awkward family photo #killinit