all mushed together.

one of my favorite things about SF is the variety. the variety !!! every neighborhood has it's own feel, it's own ambiance, it's own presence - and they are all smashed together into once charming city. it really feels like a thousand different worlds, all at your fingertips.

one minute you're among the regal victorians of pacific heights strolling past designer shops, then you turn a street and you're in japantown - smelling fish and not hearing a word of english. a couple of blocks later and you're on the water and it feels like a beach town - loud seals, water crashing up on the rocks. downtown is crazy and busy and grey, haight is lazy and bright and (always) smells like weed, and our neighborhood (richmond) is quiet and diverse and laden with fog-horns at night.

i especially connect with this city because it can't make up it's mind. it's everything and nothing, all at once. i feel like i too, am a million different things all smooshed into one human. i am extremely social but i need my privacy, i am extremely high strung but in a lot of ways, totally low-key, i am always simultaneously content and restless. i love living in a place that is a metaphor for me. 

i know that i constantly ramble on about this city, but i'm not sorry. we may not live in a magical place like this forever and i want to feel like, if we leave, that i soaked it up 100%. i want to feel like i LIVED here and sunk my teeth in and recorded everything i loved about my home.


  1. I am so happy that you are blogging more frequently again! Also, we are moving to Sacramento next summer and I plan on many trips to Sam Francisco! I'm giving you fair warning so you have ample time to put together a list of musts ;)

  2. I have always admired San Francisco! I love how you are really immersing yourself in the city and trying to experience everything it has to offer! Carpe Diem!


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