christmas card 2016.

our dear friend marissa snapped a few photos of us at baker beach and for the first time since we have been married, we actually ordered real-life cards! we are real grown-ups now!

we didn't send out a newsletter because honestly, 1) everyone knows what's going on in our lives from social media anyway and 2) without kids to brag about...sending out a list of our accomplishments and trips feels self important to me? i don't know.

however, i LOVE hearing about everyone else's lives, especially around christmas time. we are blessed with so many good friends and the best family and they are all doing incredible things. that is the most overwhelming feeling i have during the month of december - we have the greatest people in our lives!!

and for our quick update from california: (feel free to ignore, this is mostly for my own record!)

this year, together we traveled around asia and french polynesia, lived in new york city temporarily while jordan trained for work, and then switched coasts & made a permanent move to san francisco. we found a cute little apartment in a cute pink building with a beautiful deck and..... drumroll...a view of the golden gate bridge. we don't know how we lucked out with this apartment, but we love coming home to it. we adore our ward and feel very much like we've been adopted into our san francisco family. we both have every saturday off and so we live from weekend to weekend. having a day together to reconnect and explore the bay area is everything. (sorry if we have ignored your phone call on a saturday - that's why!) we have already been lucky enough to host several guests and want anyone and everyone to come stay with us and play in our city!

in february jordan studied tirelessly, took the GMAT, and absolutely knocked it out of the park. (that will come in handy in a few years when applying to business school.) he planned all of our travels in may and june single-handedly, and it all went off without a hitch.  he trained at citi group over the summer, passed all of his finance exams, and then sold his soul to the investment banking world. (kidding, sort of.) he is loving working in finance, but the long nights not as much.

somehow among working mad hours every week, he has made time to work out consistently, stay updated on the sports world, work on his golf game, teach elder's quorum, play a lot of basketball and football with our two-year old downstairs neighbor, (the cutest) and tag along on plenty of adventures in the city with me. he is seriously killing adult life. (that makes one of us.)

i spent a few months producing a lifestyle show in boise before traveling and then accompanying jordan to nyc so i could play while he worked. (and play i did! i logged almost 10 miles a day while back east. it was the best.) in june i sent my baby brother on a mission, and in august i drove all of our belongings across the country in a penske truck. (jesus take the wheel.) i accepted a job with abc7, where i interned - and shortly after accepted another job tutoring part-time at a jewish school, after it fell into my lap through friends that teach there. (classic kayla to overload herself.) i am slowly adjusting to the crazy early mornings and stress of tv, all while miraculously still loving every second in the newsroom. since jordan is constantly working, i am running the stastny household alone and although it's been quite the learning curve, i feel a lot of pride keeping our life (mostly) in order.

although i spend most of my spare time with girlfriends, trying out new workouts in the city (muay tai fighting, reform pilates, you name it) and reading, i have been trying to keep up with the ukulele, painting, and photography as best i can. although this is an absolutely psychotic time of life, i am so happy to be here, doing what i am doing, with jordan by my side.


  1. You guys are #goals. You fit so much LIFE into your lives! :)

  2. I love this so much! What an amazing year you guys have had!


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