christmas in SF.

this christmas was short and quiet, but still pretty dang cozy! there was part of me that was bummed to have let our families down this year with our absence, but i am really grateful jordan and i have learned to rely on each other. it is the cheesiest sentiment, but he is enough. he is home. christmas was still christmas because we were together.

i worked up until midnight on the 23rd, so christmas eve we lounged and relaxed until about 3pm. then we headed to grace cathedral for their christmas service. the boy's choir there is stuuuning and as i have mentioned before, there is something so inclusive to me about worshiping with another religion. we checked out a few more holiday displays in the area (the palace hotel was my favorite of the night, although the fairmont's two story gingerbread house is unbeatable) & then checked out the tom and jerry house in noe valley. (this house is absolute madness but is an icon of SF christmas.)

my family has always done appetizers for christmas eve dinner, & so i prepared us a classy feast of pigs in a blanket, mozzarella sticks, cheese and crackers, 7 layer bean dip, lil' smokies and desserts. we ate and watched miracle on 34th street - it's our favorite christmas movie and we had been saving it for christmas eve!! after spending a few hours playing games and laughing with the downstairs neighbors, jordan and i came back upstairs and he read our christmas book aloud to me. on christmas eve growing up, we would always get a christmas book on the 24th and read it together as a family. usually the book was short but had a meaningful message about the christmas season - it is by FAR my favorite tradition and i was thrilled to have started it with my little family. 

christmas morning we ended up bringing all the presents from our families in bed with us and opened them before we even put on clothes...oops. jordan and i usually just get each other one thing for christmas, since we don't need a lot and we generally buy what we need for ourselves anyway. i surprised jordan with warriors tickets for february and he bought me a painting class! do we know each other or what? 

for christmas breakfast we hopped downstairs and i made cream cheese stuffed french toast for us and the krogues. (it was a huge hit! highly recommend.) then we went to church, (all musical numbers, can every sacrament meeting be like that?) watched miles open presents, (the krogues two year old son that we are obsessed with) and then had a fabulous christmas dinner at ruth's chris. 

we spent dinner reminiscing on everything we've achieved this year, how far we've come, how much we love the reality all of the crazy changes has handed us. it was the happiest chat and one that i feel i will remember for years to come. we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant just in time to get on my brother's skype call from the mission field! we skyped more family, watched more movies, snacked on leftover mozzarella sticks, and then finally drifted off to sleep in a christmas-magic coma. it was a quiet, uneventful weekend but one for the books. 

tom & jerry house !!!

a bathroom selfie at the palace hotel

the most thoughtful gift from our neighbor - our christmas card turned into an ornament!


  1. Ah man, this sounds like the perfect Christmas. I love the idea of just getting one gift for each other, we usually just get each other a few small inexpensive things but just one gift (and the fact that both of yours were experiences rather than objects) is so simple and perfect. I think we'll do that next year.

  2. what a happy happy christmas for you guys! <3

  3. Your Christmas sounded amazing and the gifts you guys bought for each other - that's seriously the sweetest thing.

  4. I think it would be difficult to be away from family for Christmas, but also a really good experience as well. I was thinking how it would be to spend Christmas with only my husband, and ya know I think it would be cool! Sounds like San Francisco is absolutely amazing and treating you guys very well.

  5. aw your christmas sounds seriously adorable & SO cozy! i wish i could have stayed in bed to open presents, haha. isn't it weird having your first christmas not at one of your parents houses!? when we did that i thought it was the weirdest.. but yours sounds like it was pretty perfect


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