crying at zumba & other things about life lately.

+ for some reason that i do not understand, there are always lots of elderly people that go to zumba at my gym. don't get me wrong - they are a CRISIS - but there is something so endearing about them literally not giving two craps about the fact that they are 8 counts behind and looking like they are having a stroke. the other day, someone was filming through the glass (trying to be discreet) and laughing. our little 80 pound zumba teacher saw him in the corner of her eye in the mirror and IMMEDIATELY sprinted across the room, threw the door open, and just GAVE IT to this guy. then she hopped back in with a smile on her face and continued teaching. it was so touching that she was so protective of anybody poking fun at her class that i started tearing up, right there on the dance floor. i feel like people are so loving & accepting here. (side note: because i am working so many early mornings and i get really emotional when i am tired, i am thinking i need to start a list of things that make me cry. it'll be LONG maybe i'll look back on it and find it funny someday?)

+ on that same vein, i have felt an enormous love for my city the last month or so. after the presidential election, the mayor of SF released a letter saying that he will fight tooth and nail to keep san francisco as a sanctuary city (where people don't face deportation and the city works to provide work options for them.) i am consistently overwhelmed with how welcoming this city is. people are especially warm and accepting here & it's inspiring me work to be more that way, too.

+ work is kicking my tush right now, guys. i took a second job helping out at a jewish school, and balancing the hours there with crazy early news shifts at abc & staying on top of keeping the apartment tidy + stocked and working out and sleeping enough? i'm barely keeping my head above water here and my bloodstream is slowly turning into rockstar. i feel myself starting to adjust, though. i'm not in "uptight, get shiz done" mode and i haven't been for a long time - since last december, finishing up school. but once i switch gears and am a little more tightly wound, i will function on a higher plane and i will kill it. getting there is the hard part.

+ we decorated our apartment for christmas last weekend and it is *perfectly* cozy. like wow. just seeing our cute mantle brings me so much (very needed) joy.

+ we rented scooters last saturday through an app called "scoot" here in the city. the experience was a little sketchy (traffic here is insane and scooting around on this tiny piece of tin is maybe not the safest) but we seriously had such a blast. it rained for a few minutes while we were out, but that made it all the more fun. (and we only got in two arguments during the experience because jordan was going to fast and ditching me.)

+ i am really, really grateful for my passion for news. plunging into the world of news at a top station in a top market has been REALLY challenging. everything just happens so freaking fast here and i feel like we are always scrambling! if interning here gave me a little toe-dip, coming back i just got thrown into the lake head-first. anyway, even though i feel so overwhelmed i never dread coming to work because i just love it. i love the flow of information in the newsroom, i love that we are on the cusp of everything new happening in the world. it's invigorating and exciting! i love the visual nature of tv and this whole world brings me to life. it's hard but it's a meaty, rich life. does that make sense? i am constantly exhausted but it is so fulfilling. how lucky i am to feel passion for journalism deep down in my bones.

+ i spoke in sacrament meeting last sunday on the ten lepers and how important it is to live your live in a manor of gratitude, rather than just "counting your blessings." it was a great reminder that our happiness and our ability to feel gratitude is all in our attitude. it's our choice - are we going to chose to be a half full person or not? this talk was the cornerstone of my preparation and i 10/10 would recommend you read it.

+ several weeks ago we met four of our closest friends on nob hill to ride the trolley down the steep hills on california street. and OH MY HEEEEAVENS it was perfect!!!!!! the night was warm, the trolley wasn't crowded and our driver was going HAM with the bell. i squealed with delight the entire ride down, i'm sure much to jordan's dismay. after we rode the trolley back up, we pounded FOUR pizzas between and six of us and laughed a lot and it went down as one of my favorite san francisco nights so far.

+ i made my christmas bucket list this morning and i can hardly stand the excitement!! (i'm a big believer that the anticipation is usually better than the event itself.) christmas in SF is going to be all sorts of magic!


  1. everything about this post is 100
    your christmasy apartment (and that mantle!!), your san fran scootering, your passion for your amazing job - all of it. GET IT GIRL.

  2. Your christmas decorations are SO adorable!!!


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