taking stock 10.

loving: san francisco sunrises and sunsets. because it gets dark earlier (and because i am up early enough to watch the sunrise pretty often) i have been able to enjoy them a lot! my favorite view is from our deck – i can see the pastel colors stretch out over the ocean on one side, and then see the city light up from the other side.

discovering: an app called “postmates” - they deliver food from anywhere in your neighborhood to your door in under an hour. oops that i have already used it 4 times.

surprised at: how far my body can go on such little sleep. don’t get me wrong, i am a wreck and a half on the mornings i get up at 1:30, but somehow the adrenaline keeps pumping, i keep making it to the gym, not getting in car wrecks, not falling asleep at my desk, etc.

still obsessed with: the fact that our BFF’s are our DOWNSTAIRS NEIGHBORS. we usually get together saturday or sunday night to have a pot-luck dinner and watch a movie, and i just can’t get over how lovely it is to change into my comfies and walk downstairs to our weekend plans. it doesn’t hurt that they are the greatest people ever. hashtag BLESSED.

watching: gilmore girls. (first timer!) i’m in season 3 and tbh i’m not in love with it yet, although i do enjoy it. you can’t beat how cozy stars hollow is though!

 looking forward to: making some of our own holiday traditions. it’s fun to sit down and be like, “alright, what should we eat? what do we want to do?” so far we have settled on 1) a new ornament each year that has significance to us, 2) christmas pj’s for kayla (jordan insists he doesn’t want them) 3) a christmas eve dinner of hor d’oeuvres and 4) some sort of christmas service between the two days. there is something SO moving about going to another church’s service around christmas – it’s really sacred to me to enjoy a different kind of worship and realize how united were all are at the end of the day.

cooking: LOL why do i always put this prompt here?

smelling: CHRISTMAS CANDLES!! i would recommend “merry and bright” and “cinnamon and clove” from target. you just CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT beat a house that smells like christmas !!

 reading: “big magic” – it was recommended to me by my cousin and i although only 40 pages in, i’m in love!! it’s all about finding ways to enjoy and cultivate a more creative life, but it a realistic way. do you ever read self-help books and they are full of stories of people who quit their high paying, soul-sucking corporate job to start a recording studio/quit their high paying, soul sucking corporate job to be a musician/quit their high paying, soul sucking corporate job start a crocheting etsy shop? which like, is great for them but i like my corporate job and it works for me and so how to i apply this to my life? this book is about finding ways to sneak creative habits into the time you DO have, and how to glean a lot of happiness from your creative side – even if it’s not your livelihood.  

also reading: “the war that saved my life.” the little boy i tutor (who is 8) told me it’s the “best book he’s ever read” and let me borrow his copy. obviously it’s an easy, quick read but it’s a heartfelt & interesting story. i love reading kid’s books because they are easy to digest and i love the feeling of finishing so fast, it makes me feel accomplished haha.

listening to: the “jazzy christmas” playlist on spotify. it makes me feel like i should be at a cocktail party sipping champagne (sparkling cider) and wearing a black gown. it is the classiest and coziest.

appreciating: the nights where jordan comes home early (early is any time before 11pm in my world) and we get to see each other !! (cuddle and fall asleep to netflix) sometimes i feel like we are total strangers and those nights remind me that, on a very deep level, we are still just as connected as ever.