i LOVE any chance to have a fresh start. i am actually a big believer in setting goals periodically - like at the beginning of every month, or even every week. it's more realistic and feasible to say "okay, this month i will do a, b, and c" instead of "this year i will become ____!" every journey starts will exactly one step, and giving yourself ample chances to start over helps foster motivation.

this year, jordan and i will likely be in the same position next january as we are today. same jobs, same place, same apartment, same ward. (this has never been the case in our married life.) what an opportunity! we are locked in to a routine. we are not moving, starting different semesters or jobs, we can settle in and *really* fine-tune ourselves. i am actually SO excited. 

this year, i want to focus on being more of an adult. that sounds silly when i type it out?? but most of my goals center around buckling down and operating at a higher capacity.

i get a lot of utility out of fun and adventure, but as we've moved here and started "grown up life" i have found that i can't rely on that as much as i have in years past, it makes me feel more flighty than i want to be.

 i have enjoyed the accomplished feeling i got when setting everything up for our new home single-handedly. i pay the bills, i manage insurance, i keep the car maintenanced, i clean and shop and launder. doing this alone is  A LOT OF WORK. but i can do a lot better! i want to be focused and intentional about every part of my life.

time to be a kick a$$ grown up, guys!!


>>> between jordan and i, we get ten paychecks a month. i want to stay on top of paying tithing every week, instead of calculating it after the fact.

>>> it's easy for me to be a "yes man" when it comes to shopping - the target dollar section? amazon prime shipping? 40% off clearance at anthro? ALL OVER THAT. i want to tell myself no more often, and find utility in saving. so in january, i am going NO EXTRAS. nothing that is not 100% necessary.

>>> after january, i am going to make a dollar amount savings plan for us each month.

>>> my 72 hour kit has been sitting in our living room, half finished, for weeks. it needs to be finished before the end of the month.

>>> we just started new insurance. i want to have an in-depth understanding of our coverage, both health and car. no winging it!

>>> plan my meals better. i eat alone and on the go 99% of the time, so this is hard, but i want to be more intentional about what i eat, cook more for myself, and have every meal be balanced. no more slim fasts in the car counting as dinner or frozen taquitos when i get home at midnight. i over-eat and under-eat and i want to feel like i consistently feeding my body what it needs, instead of what i can cram in when i remember how hungry i am.

>>> read every day. often i binge read a book (i feel like i miss a lot when i do that) and then go a week without picking one up. i LOVE to read and i want to be more consistent with it,even if it's just ten minutes before bed.

>>> waste less time. when i have a morning off, it can slip through my fingers after i dawdle on my phone, work out, and watch one episode of gilmore girls. i want to be more intentional and less habitual with my free time - organize something, paint, listen to a conference talk, prepare a good meal, plan something, read. i want to feel like i have taken a step forward when looking back at my free time.

>>> be more organized. i feel like i am operating at 70% organizational capacity and i want to kick it up to 100%. i love my bullet journal, but i could utilize it for more lists, more charts, more ideas.

>>> be a better friend. i pride myself on this as it is, but i can always do better. i want to approach every social situation with the intent to lift my friends, to listen, and to encourage them where they need it. (instead of approaching social situations to be heard or brimming with information about myself.)

>>> jordan and i were specifically asked by our bishop to reach out and befriend quieter people in the ward, inactives, etc. and invite new people to our home once a month. we report back to him in april. what a great opportunity to look outside myself! i want to continue this trend and stop being shy at group events, at work, when chatty ladies strike up a conversation with me at the gym. i can be more present and involved and social in every aspect of my life, and i know it'll make me happier. i want to be the mother hen that i know i am destined to be.

>>> chill out with our weekend calendar. UGH i don't even want to do this tbh, but sometimes my intensity about "fun" wears on myself, and jordan. i look forward to our saturdays SO MUCH that i hate seeing one pass by uneventful. but in true "adult" form, i need to chill it a bit. maybe once a month we just chill instead of packing the day full? idk we will see on this one.

>>> and lastly - this year, i want to really work on my relationships. pushing through hard things instead of avoiding them and going the extra mile to make the people i love feel that way. i am too often reminded that people and connection and feeling loved and giving love is the reason we are here, and i want to do a little better at treating them with the sacredness they deserve.


  1. Happy New Year sweetie! I'm totally with you on becoming a 'proper' grown up this year. Kurt and I have finally got our own home and we have SO much that we need to do to make it our home. I'm super excited! Your goals don't sound silly at all, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do/or don't get up to in 2017 hehe. xx

    Abby | Eärendilly

  2. Something I love about you is your constant quest to make yourself better and to improve the lives of those around you. it's inspiring!!


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