how to be a grown A** woman, according to kayla.

compliment people every day. politely say "thank you" when others compliment you.
be intentional about what you say, don't just talk to be heard. invite people over to dinner instead of waiting for them to ask you. then serve what you like best.
never tell people what baby names you hate, there's a good chance it's their mom’s name. pay attention to how much of your breath you spend complaining about other people. if it's more than 10% - you might be the problem.
never do backhanded, sneaky, "sub tweet" kinds of things. don't bite your nails and don't sit on the toilet in front of anyone, ever.
sometimes it's okay to do what everyone else is doing, if it makes you happy. be different if that makes you happy, too.
don't be different just to be different, it's transparent & it will exhaust you.
give yourself a clean slate every morning. treat yourself to a massage, a new top, a nap. you deserve it.
write thank you notes like it is going out of style. 
make sleep a priority. get your clothes tailored to fit right.
always act interested, even when you’re not.
for heaven’s sake, let your husband go golfing with his buddies and buy a bigger tv.
be a courteous driver and don’t cause parking lot traffic jams waiting for someone to leave.
  read a lot of books because it makes your life better & you more interesting. join a book club. join 2 or 3.  stay up to date on the news because you’re an adult and you should know what’s going on in the world.
don’t go to places that have bouncers.
don't be cheap - tip 20% always.
stop forgetting that celebrating other's success IN NO WAY minimizes your own.
don’t reprimand people that call you “ma’am” or “sweetheart” or “lady.”
people are going to have bogus opinions and say things that are incorrect – it is usually not necessary to correct or “enlighten” them. in fact, it kind of makes you look like a jerk.
remember that your opinions are big in your world, but of little consequence to others.
love people even when you don’t feel like it’s returned at the same level because you’ll never run out of love to give. send birthday wishes and cards and gifts to everyone, even if they don’t do it back.
don't cut your own bangs ever ever ever.
“popular” is not a thing once you graduate from high school, and you should probably avoid people who act like it does.
go to the doctor and the dentist and the gyno. find physical activity that you like and never stop.
be a reliable friend that shows up and calls back and follows through.
don't brag about deleting your social media, nobody cares. 
take lots of pictures when you do fun things so you can look back and remember details.
make room for fear in your life and then learn when it’s appropriate to excuse it.
treat your boss and your assistant with the same level of respect. you ain’t better than anybody and ain’t nobody better than you.
don’t say ain’t.
take a selfie if you feelin yourself and don’t apologize!
find hobbies you are passionate about and don’t put off working hard so you can be good at them.
& lastly, resist the urge to tell your girlfriend you think her husband might be gay.


  1. THAT SHIRT, THIS POST, YOU! But also, I feel like I want to know the stories behind some of these, assuming some of these have stories.

  2. i can't wait for you to write a book.


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