sf lately: january.

the other night at our weekly "bachelor" viewing, a girlfriend said "i can't believe it's almost february!" and my jaw literally dropped. i was like WHAAAAAT! what happened to january?! this month seriously flew by in a half second - jordan and i are both busy, the weekends haven't been marked by anything specific and i feel like the entire month went by in a huge blur. but a fabulous blur nonetheless!

it has been rainy and foggy and cold ALL MONTH LONG. there was a short reprieve from the dreary one saturday morning so we ferried over to angel island and hiked with our neighbors. i love that we have so many outdoor escapes so close to home! (and obviously i am loving my fish eye lens, too.)

a baby shower for my dear friend lindsay at patxi's (some of the best pizza i've had here yet) 

exploring potrero hill on a saturday night.

pacific heights on an especially beautiful day.

the view out of our bathroom window on a less beautiful (but still cozy) day:

sometimes my friend's "hikers club" turns into "let's just play at the beach and watch the sunset" - the cotton candy sunsets here (especially with the golden gate bridge as a backdrop) are stunning.

and a dog selfie for good measure:


  1. ok you are so beautiful esp in that pic of you on portrero hill. SO BEAUTIFUL.


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