the best lessons i learned from jackie o.

my celebrity obsessions are few, but man, do they run deep. jackie o is one classy lady and i have read so many books about her, i could probably write one myself at this point. what's funny about my obsession with jackie is that i don't find her particularly beautiful - my admiration of her stems completely from her discipline, sophistication, and rigid dedication to class.

i connect with a lot of aspects in jackie's life - she was gregarious but loved her privacy fiercely. (like me.) she presented an outward front of confidence but underneath she still had many insecurities. (like me.) she was expected to be a society wife and pop out kids, but was bored with that idea & always desired more gratification out of life. (kind of like me.) once she did have babies, she was a loving and incredibly dedicated mother - her children were her world. (like i hope to be.)

her life was not easy but she handled everything with the perfect amount of poise, grace, and just a pinch of "i am going to do what's best for me, to hell with you" attitude. being cultured and intellectual was top priority for jackie and she was a perfect picture of discipline - all things i wish to emulate more as i continue to grow up.

here is a personal list of my favorite lessons learned from our former first lady:

1. when you are deciding what to wear - go with the classics. a nice black top, your string of pearls, a fitted a-line dress, a pair of big sunglasses. jackie did not buy stylish pieces, she made her pieces stylish - and she did that by sticking with what worked for her. she stayed on trend but was not trendy, & she never went out in public without looking put-together.

2. privacy is so underrated. jackie had to share so much of her life with the public, but she still put a lot of stock in keeping things close to the vest. she wasn't secretive or mysterious, she just liked her life and her struggles to belong to her. similarly, i love to share my life with good friends but i think there is so much self-awareness in keeping some parts of your life private, of not putting everything out there for everyone to see. it keeps things special and sacred. i see it as a mark of her maturity to be so mindful about sharing intimate details. for someone's who life was so glamorous and photo worthy, i think there is an amount of humility that comes with her not needing everyone to know every detail of her life.

3. it is important, on so many levels, to be an equal partner to your spouse. jackie was such a kick a$$ wife!! (even when jack was a less than ideal partner to her.) she charmed people that jack couldn't, kept him entertained with her quick-wit, and even after his death she made sure to mold his legacy in a way that he would have wanted. she would never allow herself to be dumbed-down & did not sink in to her husband and let him live life for her (like so many girls from her generation did.) instead, she complimented him while building her own empire. i LOVE that about her.

4. accentuate the parts about yourself that you like best, downplay what you don't. jackie was known for her love of french culture, language, she even pronounced her name traditionally french. (jac-leen.) funny thing is, she was mostly irish. but she liked her french roots and that's what she chose to emphasize. there are parts of my life story that i don't love, but i like taking a page out of jackie's book and just focusing on the parts of my story that i DO love. the stories we tell ourselves are so powerful, jackie was living proof of that. (she also didn't like her hands, she thought they were too big - so often wore gloves to divert attention away from them.)

5. dedicate yourself to the people you love. jackie was the picture of devotion - her husband and her kids always came before herself and quality time with them was always priority. one of my favorite jackie stories happened after jack had surgery on his back - immediately following surgery, he was on his deathbed. his recovery took months of being bed-ridden and jackie hardly left his side. she read to him, kept him updated on current events, and then was the driving force behind his pulitzer prize winning book. now that is dedication.


  1. Wow what an admirable woman! Even to this day she endures as a role model because of the type of life she chose to live. Hope I can live as honorably as she did.

  2. love love love. i'm dying to hear your review on the film "Jackie."


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