a belated valentine's date.

let me begin by expressing my LOVE for LOVE DAY !!! i know we should be mindful of the people in our lives every day, but from where i am standing there is not ONE THING WRONG with a day dedicated to remembering !! (i don't get the hate on v day - if you don't have a significant other, use it as a day to celebrate your girlfriends & yourself? it's just a reason to buy reese's hearts and send people cards? like duh?)

i decided this year i would celebrate valentine's a little bigger, and expand it from being just about my husband - so in addition to throwing a galentine's day party, i hand delivered valentine's to my girlfriends the monday before, sent valentine care packages in the mail to my sisters and grandparents, and even handed out sweet notes and chocolate bars at work. i loved the excuse to buy gifts and surprise people who make me happy! i am always taken aback with how gracious everyone is, too. my co-workers especially went ON about how nice i was and how flattered they were. i was just like "guys, chill it's just a giant hershey's bar!" people are the nicest.

monday night before the 14th, jordan came home with flowers and chocolates and sweet notes and i was so impressed ! (also impressed that upon seeing i wasn't home when he arrived, he joined me at the neighbors and patiently waited for FOUR HOURS to bring me upstairs and show me his thoughtfulness. i could not have waited that long.) ahead of the game, a man after my own heart!

tuesday, the whole day felt a little special to me, although it read like a normal day. gym, work, jordan gets home late. but my social media was genuinely uplifting all day, it hasn't been that way in ages. i sincerely gleaned a LOT of happiness from pictures of kisses and flowers and smiles. there is so much happy in the world!!!

because we both worked late into the evening on v day, we celebrated the saturday after - jordan planned a date for me, and then i planned a date for him. the two dates are such perfect examples of how different we are: for my portion of the date, we did a food tour of the ferry building, walked along the water and went to a museum. for jordan's portion of the date we ordered dinner in and watched the byu basketball game at home. big lol's. i love that guy.


  1. You are the cutest. Seriously, I want friends like you! And I want to BE a friend like you!

  2. I love holidays because they are a reason to celebrate! And there are always things in our lives to celebrate, so why not?? Valentine's for us was a bit more simple, but I loved it all the same. Hey we are coming to San Francisco next week!! I want some tips of cool places to go to!


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