galentines day!

i have been SO blessed with such incredible female influences here in SF. the girls here are tight-knit, loyal to each other, they are all smart and witty and informed - and they are such an incredible balance of being righteous & christ-centered but not totally boring and personality-less. (if you're mormon, you know what i mean and you know that this can sometimes be hard to find.) 

last sunday i was thinking out loud to my downstairs neighbor that it would be fun to host a galentines day party. i usually shy away from hosting because our living room is so tiny with minimal seating - but i just made myself go for it. we ALL live in small spaces and i don't know why i think my small space is so much worse! 

i went into a complete frenzy for four days, (another reason why i don't host often, i can't help myself!!!) driving all around the peninsula so i could provide the *cutest* card-making supplies and serve the *most* delicious treats northern california had to offer. i bought an obscene amount of balloons and flowers - it looks like cupid barfed all over my mantle. i was a little high strung all week but putting together a party and over-doing holidays decorations is my art. it was so fun. 

i ordered my "love" letter balloons over the phone and since they were fairly inexpensive, i expected them to be small. when i showed up to pick them up, there was this giant plastic bag in the middle of the store the size of a it took some finagling and lots of tape, but i made the giant balloons work and ended up LOVING how over the top they were!

i had a photo-shoot with my fireplace decorations before the party started, and then told myself that i would not worry about pictures for the rest of the night. i held true and i don't have one single photo of a human - but i promise they exist and they showed up and we had a fabulous time! 


  1. What the heck you are so cute and I wish we were friends IRL :)

  2. Also, what do you think makes a person not boring and personality-less? I feel like I probably fit into that category but I don't want to fit into that category... 🙈

    1. haha ashley i am SURE you don't fit into that category! really! but i feel like sometimes mormon girls can just be good people & really sweet but...bland. no opinions, no education, no spice, no excitement. which is NOT bad! just hard to build a friendship off of :)

  3. this is the cuuuuutest! i love your set up & the gigantic balloons! you are adorable

  4. this is the BESTTTTTTTTT. you outdid leslie knope herself!

  5. Your mantle is incredible!!! And those balloons!


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