my favorite female characters.

(idea for this post stolen from kylie.)

this past week was international women's day! i celebrated by reading a few clips out of this book and working, because that's what womanhood looks like to me right now. in honor of the day, i want to share some of my favorite female characters that inspire me to break boundaries and celebrate what being a woman looks like to me! 

POCAHONTAS first and foremost !! (my favorite disney princess, far and away.) she's open minded, she risks her life for people she loves, & she didn't feel the need to fall into line to please everyone by marrying kocoum. i also strangely love that her and john smith are parted at the end of the movie, because she wasn't about to follow him to another continent. so bittersweet. (oh, and her hair blowing in the wind?? killin it.)

LESLIE KNOPE of course ! i think of any fictional character, she is the one i aspire to be the most like. i hope my daughters want to be leslie knopes because she is genuinely a wonderful role model. (side note: this article about why leslie is better than liz lemon is a favorite of mine. i still LOVE me some liz lemon and 30 rock will always be a favorite, but when it comes to who i realistically want to be like, leslie is obviously the best choice.) leslie values being smart over being pretty. leslie lets herself be imperfect but knows that doesn't demean her worth. leslie fights for what she believes in. leslie shakes off sexism and continues to just work harder. leslie always goes above and beyond, for everyone and everything in her life. leslie is enthusiastic and passionate and SO extra and unabashedly herself. leslie exhudes optimism. man i could keep going here but i'm going to leave it at that.

ANNE SHIRLEY ! she is one of the OG feminists, pushing her way into places that were usually meant for boys. (one of my favorite quotes - "Why can't women be ministers, Marilla? … I think women would make splendid ministers." anne HOLDS HER OWN and doesn't take crap from anyone. she's ambitious and girlfriend speaks her mind. 

JO MARCH - okay tbh i am STILL MAD that she didn't marry laurie. but that's a lot of her appeal - she recognized that laurie, and a life with him, wasn't truly what she wanted - even if it would have been comfortable. she's independent and creative and strong and she has her sister's backs! to me, jo embodies this idea that you DON'T have to dedicate your life to getting people to like you. (which is something that, as a gender, i think we could use more of!)

HERMIONE GRANGER - because where would i be without hermione granger?! obviously, she is incredibly smart and is always picking up the slack for ron and harry. but i love that she's never AFRAID to be smart. i love that she creates the SPEW to help give house elves rights, i love that she doesn't let herself be bossed or pushed around, i love that she's not afraid to cry or be saved by someone else. she is really the ultimate balance of imperfection but strength, femininity but toughness. and how good is this photo though:

all in all, i am incredibly grateful for all of the strong women influences in my life (real or fictional!) i am so inspired when we band together as girls and support each other in being whatever we want to be. 


  1. JO. MARCH.
    I'm also really said she didn't marry Laurie....but also Laurie creeped me out when he went after Amy.

  2. all of these are SO SO good. SO many good role models in our fave female characters.

  3. I love books with good female role models and have a list of books I want my girls to read some day.. Little women being at the top- I remember reading it and wishing I could be as awesome and independent as her! I love your list and agree!! It also made me think of the book I'm reading called "The Invention of Wings" it has some empowering characters in it. With some sad twists but there is a lot I've learned from the characters and gives you A LOT to think about.


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