April 28, 2017

10 lovely things.

1. this cutie purple house:

2. the three year old downstairs - does that giant backpack on a tiny body kill you?!

3. the bluffs at bodega bay:

3. the rainbow house of san francisco:

5. this before and after of me: (ages 9 and 25) LOLOLOL

6. miles in bunny ears: (you're welcome for the double miles post.)

7. a hint of wisteria in golden gate park:

8. the most charming little stoop. ivy is probably on my list of top 5 favorite things ever.

9. i picked jordan up from work last week! we haven't been seeing much of each other during daylight hours so this was such a treat. also, he is not bad on the eyes. just sayin.

10. this article about how you change and evolve as a human so naturally, your marriage changes as evolves. it was super practical but equally sentimental. 

April 21, 2017

the 52 lists project.

i love lists - i love making to do lists, i like to speak and write in lists - they just feel very clean and orderly to me. grouping things together in my mind helps me make sense of them - so when i heard of the "52 lists project" journal i had ordered it on amazon within minutes.

this journal gives one prompt a week - and you make a list. of people that cheer you up, your dream trips, your favorite things about each season. each list only takes a few moments, but as you reflect on really positive things from your life it gives you a little boost.

i thought i would share a few lists that i really enjoyed making.


-- the night jordan told me he loved me for the first time. the feeling that pulsated through my entire body.
-- the day my sister returned home from her mission.
-- the last night of jordan and i's honeymoon. we ate pizza and watched "just like heaven" and i remember being so excited about starting our life together.
-- the moment i crossed the thresh hold into our sealing room on our wedding day - feeling the entirety of god's love wrap around me all at once and appreciating all of the people that loved me inside of that room.
-- the summer we lived in slc, we had a froyo place we frequented. i remember one night we got froyo, sat on an overpass watching the cars drive by, and listened to kenny chesney in the car as we wandered the streets on cottonwood heights. we didn't talk about anything in particular, but i just remember laughing a lot and feeling so in love with jordan.
-- our plane ride to thailand. i was so elated and i didn't sleep THE ENTIRE FLIGHT.
-- any time i get to give a gift to someone i love.
-- there was a catholic chapel on USU's campus. i spent a lot of time there, alone, making sense of my life and seeking a little serenity from my crazy schedule.
-- jordan moved to san francisco before i did so we spent several weeks apart. eventually, i drove a moving truck (alone!) cross country and unloaded our furniture in ONE DAY. i was exhausted and drained out of my mind that night, but i was determined to wait up for jordan to get home from work that night. it was like 1:30am and i was fighting sleep on this uncomfortable air mattress (our bed didn't fit in the stairwell LOL) and i remember, so distinctly, the feeling i had when i heard jordan's keys in the door. it was the perfect mixture of excitement and anticipation and relief.
-- at the beyonce concert on my 26th birthday, the moment she came on-stage.
-- reporting my first live story from the logan library.

(i'll spare you all of them - the list is long. i can't ever choose between powerful inspirational quotes or powerful literary quotes, so i always go with both.)

"of this be sure, you do not find the happy life - you make it."

"she believes in the smallest of things because she believes that is where the magic lives."

"heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow and forever."

"but he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose."

"you don't have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. you have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you're holding."

"anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful."

"be as you wish to seem."

"above all, be the heroine of your life. not the victim."

"do it with passion or not at all."

"i can't change the world. but i can change the world in me."

"optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."

"i'm not sure what i'll do but - well, i want to go places and see people. i want my mind to grow. i want to live where things happen on a big scale."

"be brave, my darling. you have faced dark times before and you're still here now."

"nothing will make you feel better except DOING the WORK."

"most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

"if you can't be kind, be quiet."


-- i love to try new things that i have never done before.
-- i love festivals, parades, concerts.
-- playing games with good friends.
-- planning, anticipating, and executing a trip or vacation.
-- working out - specifically spin or kickboxing.
-- eating out and eating dessert.
-- capturing beautiful places or moments through photos.
-- dancing parties and singing in the car.
-- seeing beautiful things - like a skyline or a sunset.
-- museums.
-- reading!
-- being outside.
-- being with jordan, ashlyn, other people i love and am comfortable with.
-- learning new things.
-- road trips.
-- shopping.
-- people watching.
-- camping/hiking/being at the beach.
-- watching movies.
-- did i say eating? putting it again here.

April 14, 2017

i stopped styling my hair.

if you haven't' seen me snap about it yet, i stopped styling my hair a little while ago. i assume nobody cares about my "hair journey" as i have been calling it (lol at myself) - but i care!! and i wish someone would have told me this was an option years ago. beauty is a big part of my life and i enjoy primping and getting myself made up - a LOT - but letting this go, letting my hair look less than perfect, letting it be healthy, has actually been really great for me.

a few months ago, i heard of bumble and bumble's "don't blow it" cream - a product that is supposed to give your hair great texture and a decent style without having to blow dry. (i think it was a blog where i read it, but i don't remember.) it popped up on sephora's website, so i ordered a small bottle, tried it once, and never thought of it again. a few weeks later i was pressed for time but DESPERATELY needed to wash my hair, so i pulled it out again and let me hair air-dry by rolling down my car windows. lol. i noticed that i actually liked the way my hair fell straight but had a decent shape, and maybe i should keep doing this?

i happened to save a selfie from the day i let my hair air-dry in the wind while i drove haha
over the past six-ish weeks i have played around with this style (or absence thereof) and i actually think i am sold! (i think it is important to note, however, that the whole "undone" look is much more common to see around san francisco - i think if i wore this style in utah i would feel totally homeless among all the glamour moms.)

my hair is very straight and very thick - one of the reasons i think this works for me. but you guys, my hair is SO much healthier and i love just completely ditching the straightener and curling iron! i am SURE that it looks more "lazy" on me than it does "undone chic" - but i don't even care!! right now i am working full time and that extra time to NOT be primping is appreciated -  and as i get older, it's becoming less important for me to look ultra "polished" all the time. (although i do still care about presenting myself well! haven't' fell off that train quite yet.)

here is quick guide to how i have been (not) styling my hair over the past month and a half. i'm sure this will need to be manipulated for each different person, but let me just say, life is pretty good on this side!!

day of - when i get out of the shower, i put in leave-in conditioner and then the "don't blow it" cream. i always blow dry the pieces around my face (i have been blessed with the gnarliest of cow-licks) but then i just let it dry throughout the day. (it takes HOURS to dry completely, but usually within an hour it looks decent enough to, you know, wear in public.)

here are the three products i use regularly, #notsponsored i just happen to like bumble and bumble's products!

while it is still somewhat damp, i usually throw a few spritzes of bumble and bumble's "surf infusion" around the bottom half of my hair and scrunch it a little. this product thickens your hair FAST and although my hair doesn't stay "scrunchy" it does help it keep the tiniest trace of a wave.

after my hair is completely dry, i will spray a little of bumble and bumble's "thickening dryspun finish" into the roots and ends. this gives my hair some thickness and texture without making it look frizzy.

days after - i only wash my hair every 3-4 days, so the style has to last me more than one day. i do have to play with it a little each morning - i throw in some dry shampoo, put oil in the ends, straighten a few pieces around my face and maybe a patch of matted hair (no matter how i sleep or what pillowcase i use i always wake up with crazy, matted, tangley hair) but we're still talking five minutes or less here. (!!!) the dryspun finish spray works even better, in my opinion, on second and third day hair. occasionally i will throw in a little hairspray (bumble and bumble's thickening hairspray) if it's just not sitting right - but that's rare.

by the last day my hair can sometimes look a little straggly - the product builds up and i get these wonky pieces that stick straight up or look like i crimped them ?? so if it's bad, i throw it in my signature top knot. (i am literally known at work and among girlfriends for my top knots. they say it's because they love them, but who really knows.)

and there you have it! now please enjoy these self timered selfies i took to showcase what this hairstyle looks like on me. and please ignore my roots, this healthy hair is growing like a weed!

April 3, 2017

sf lately - march.

first of all, the SF WEATHER HAS BEEN GLORIOUS. after months of rain and fog and gloom, during the 60 days of january and february, it rained 48 of them.) the sun came out and has stayed put. it has been MIRACULOUS. i cannot overstate what this has done for my mood!!!!!!!

we hiked up to grand view park one saturday, and it certainly lived up to it's name! i think this is our new go-to for taking guests, you have a total panoramic of the city & i love how tiny everything looks from up there. like a cute little puzzle made up of neighborhoods and parks. 

guys, northern california is the promised land. it just is. i came to this conclusion after we spent a saturday at point reyes, which is about 90 minutes north of the city. it's insane to me that you leave the city, drive across the golden gate, and within 20 minutes you're in farm country - hills so green your eyes hurt and little cows intermittent throughout. point reyes is made up of a little picture-esque town, a vintage lighthouse that sits at the end of a rocky peninsula, and several other cliffs and bluffs and then a ton of dairy farms. the terrain is foggy and misty, with these waves dramatically crashing into sea-side cliffs. it is STUNNING. 

there's also this ship wreck that is just chillin on the side of the road on the drive up there. like what is this place?! like okay. so gorgeous.

i mentioned this in my last post, but the following sunday we spent the day at the beach, grilling on our deck, and when i went to bed that night i felt exhausted from the sun. isn't that the best feeling? i couldn't remember the last time i was tired from being in the sun all day. it was true, summer bliss.

the blossoms are out in golden gate park! i have met up with girlfriends several times to wander the park and catch up (and in one case, meet lindsay's perfect new baby norah.) how i love my san francisco girl gang.

we had guests for OVER TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. you heard that right, we spent more of the month hosting people than not. not a single day of break. holy shiz. i am glad that's over, but it was so much fun! we hosted jordan and austin first, one of my girlfriends from provo. we had never met her husband before, kind of wild card when they are sleeping in your living room! but he was SUCH  a gem and when i woke up sunday to the air mattress back in the box and a thank you note, i was so bummed. we had the best weekend with them - chatting about everything under the sun, eating a giant donut from bob's (dream come true for me, not even kidding) riding a trolley, wandering around land's end and eating indian food all sitting on that tiny air mattress. 

i was unable to spend any time with our next set of guests (adult life and work, boo) but then my IN LAWS CAME TO TOWN!! *trumpets sounding* they told us around christmas time they would be coming our way for spring break, and i quite literally counted the days until they arrived. 

they came into town friday night & we caught up over pasta. saturday was maaaaaaybe the most perfect day i've had on earth so far. hear me out. 

we woke up to clear skies and the sun shining. we met the stastny's at pier 33 to head to alcatraz, and made it with TWO minutes to spare after re-routing our uber to pick up the tickets that my MIL forgot. so we started off on a "wow that was good luck" note. alcatraz was COOLER and MORE INTERESTING than i remembered and the audio tour knocked everyone's socks off. the bay was glittering it seemed like every sailboat was on the water. (to me there is nothing prettier than all of these little white sailboats on the glistening water.) there was a GIANT line to get back on the ferry to the city, and we figured there was no way we would make it on the next boat. you can imagine our surprise when we were the LAST people let on the ferry. the luck!

we had lunch at the ferry building, rode the trolley up to nob hill, and then after wandering the cathedrals and hotels we headed home for a power nap. we took them to grand view park (they loved it) and then found FRONT FREAKING ROW PARKING at the cliff house, where our dinner reservation was. the cliff house is known for sweeping views of the water and lands end - & although usually you sacrifice good food when a restaurant boasts such a view, but the food was out of this world. the back of the restaurant is made up completely of glass and looks out over the water. we were seated right next to the glass (again, the luck!) and somehow we timed the reservation at sunset?? completely by accident. it was UNREAL. 

although we were unable to top saturday's perfection, we enjoyed a few more days of brunch, biking, union square, sausailto, and LOTS of good food before they had to leave us. there was something so special about taking loved ones around this city we love so much. i felt a sense of pride for our life and this glorious place that was new to me. i love this city and showing it off is so much fun!!!