10 lovely things.

1. this cutie purple house:

2. the three year old downstairs - does that giant backpack on a tiny body kill you?!

3. the bluffs at bodega bay:

3. the rainbow house of san francisco:

5. this before and after of me: (ages 9 and 25) LOLOLOL

6. miles in bunny ears: (you're welcome for the double miles post.)

7. a hint of wisteria in golden gate park:

8. the most charming little stoop. ivy is probably on my list of top 5 favorite things ever.

9. i picked jordan up from work last week! we haven't been seeing much of each other during daylight hours so this was such a treat. also, he is not bad on the eyes. just sayin.

10. this article about how you change and evolve as a human so naturally, your marriage changes as evolves. it was super practical but equally sentimental.