i stopped styling my hair.

if you haven't' seen me snap about it yet, i stopped styling my hair a little while ago. i assume nobody cares about my "hair journey" as i have been calling it (lol at myself) - but i care!! and i wish someone would have told me this was an option years ago. beauty is a big part of my life and i enjoy primping and getting myself made up - a LOT - but letting this go, letting my hair look less than perfect, letting it be healthy, has actually been really great for me.

a few months ago, i heard of bumble and bumble's "don't blow it" cream - a product that is supposed to give your hair great texture and a decent style without having to blow dry. (i think it was a blog where i read it, but i don't remember.) it popped up on sephora's website, so i ordered a small bottle, tried it once, and never thought of it again. a few weeks later i was pressed for time but DESPERATELY needed to wash my hair, so i pulled it out again and let me hair air-dry by rolling down my car windows. lol. i noticed that i actually liked the way my hair fell straight but had a decent shape, and maybe i should keep doing this?

i happened to save a selfie from the day i let my hair air-dry in the wind while i drove haha
over the past six-ish weeks i have played around with this style (or absence thereof) and i actually think i am sold! (i think it is important to note, however, that the whole "undone" look is much more common to see around san francisco - i think if i wore this style in utah i would feel totally homeless among all the glamour moms.)

my hair is very straight and very thick - one of the reasons i think this works for me. but you guys, my hair is SO much healthier and i love just completely ditching the straightener and curling iron! i am SURE that it looks more "lazy" on me than it does "undone chic" - but i don't even care!! right now i am working full time and that extra time to NOT be primping is appreciated -  and as i get older, it's becoming less important for me to look ultra "polished" all the time. (although i do still care about presenting myself well! haven't' fell off that train quite yet.)

here is quick guide to how i have been (not) styling my hair over the past month and a half. i'm sure this will need to be manipulated for each different person, but let me just say, life is pretty good on this side!!

day of - when i get out of the shower, i put in leave-in conditioner and then the "don't blow it" cream. i always blow dry the pieces around my face (i have been blessed with the gnarliest of cow-licks) but then i just let it dry throughout the day. (it takes HOURS to dry completely, but usually within an hour it looks decent enough to, you know, wear in public.)

here are the three products i use regularly, #notsponsored i just happen to like bumble and bumble's products!

while it is still somewhat damp, i usually throw a few spritzes of bumble and bumble's "surf infusion" around the bottom half of my hair and scrunch it a little. this product thickens your hair FAST and although my hair doesn't stay "scrunchy" it does help it keep the tiniest trace of a wave.

after my hair is completely dry, i will spray a little of bumble and bumble's "thickening dryspun finish" into the roots and ends. this gives my hair some thickness and texture without making it look frizzy.

days after - i only wash my hair every 3-4 days, so the style has to last me more than one day. i do have to play with it a little each morning - i throw in some dry shampoo, put oil in the ends, straighten a few pieces around my face and maybe a patch of matted hair (no matter how i sleep or what pillowcase i use i always wake up with crazy, matted, tangley hair) but we're still talking five minutes or less here. (!!!) the dryspun finish spray works even better, in my opinion, on second and third day hair. occasionally i will throw in a little hairspray (bumble and bumble's thickening hairspray) if it's just not sitting right - but that's rare.

by the last day my hair can sometimes look a little straggly - the product builds up and i get these wonky pieces that stick straight up or look like i crimped them ?? so if it's bad, i throw it in my signature top knot. (i am literally known at work and among girlfriends for my top knots. they say it's because they love them, but who really knows.)

and there you have it! now please enjoy these self timered selfies i took to showcase what this hairstyle looks like on me. and please ignore my roots, this healthy hair is growing like a weed!


  1. ok done. i'm getting that don't blow it stuff asap. GOOD FOR YOU FOR HAIR CARE. you have always had lovely mermaid so tysm for sharing your mermaid ways with us. xo


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