a list of things i would evangelize for.

some twitter friends were having this discussion a few weeks ago, what would you evangelize for? what are the things in life (food, ideas, people) that you would try to convert people to? that you would defend to your death? it was interesting to see the random (albeit important) things people would stick up for. 

although the list is much longer than this, here were my top picks. 

making birthdays a big deal
banana republic blouses
crystal light energy (!!!)
being well read
women in the workforce
how i met your mother
getting a college degree
skim milk
how important it is to text people back
having good GIRLFRIENDS and holding them tight!
doris day movies
NARS bronzer
spin classes
shake shack
gretchin rubin's books, website, podcast
the fact that the anticipation of the thing is better than the thing itself

(and a few photos from a girls night a few weekends ago. good girlfriends are everything.)


  1. This is an interesting topic, and one I have never thought about until now. Hmmm... what would I evangelize for? Off the top of my head here are three..... 1. McDonald's fries are THE best fries (I've put a lot of thought into that one, trust me). 2. A clean, orderly space is a happy space. 3. People will respect you more for being honest than for being 'perfect'

    1. oh i LOVE your list. a big heeeck yes to mcdonald's fries!!


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