happy list 14.

1. all of the food at at&t park - garlic fries, tony's pizza, ghiradelli sundae's, caramel corn, bbq, churros.... the list goes on.

2. my friend annie's mother recently published a book called "love to live by." (you can buy it here.) her mother is a literal angel on earth & the book is just a compilation of little pieces of advice, heartwarming stories, ideas for living a balanced, happy, authentic life - full of celebration and joy. i'm only 60 pages in and it's made me cry like.... 60 times. the passage that resonated most with me was this one -

" it is important to celebrate everything as big and brightly and beautifully as possible. it is good for everyone. it brightens the mind and heart. it creates memories that we keep forever and bind us deeply to those we love. people have to wait 365 days for their next birthday - that is not a long time for us but it is for them! celebration should be a way of life. we should look for every possible opportunity to praise god by celebrating every person and everything He made for our joy and blessing."

i have loved celebrating holidays and birthdays and small milestones for my ENTIRE life, and it's nice to have some validation! there are so many things to celebrate AND it really does make life so much brighter. would absolutely recommend this book if you could use some uplifting!

3. jordan has been swamped at work lately and we've been going 3 & 4 day stretches where the only time we see one another is sleeping in bed. last night, i got off of work a little earlier than usual and jordan texted me "i am free right now, come downtown for dinner!" we got take out and ate it in this cute little seating area downtown. we discussed the five love languages and our weekend plans and it was just really wonderful. a very needed pick me up for both of us!

4. sunday night, i went downstairs to the neighbor's for dinner and when i walked into the dining room, miles' face lit up and he said "MY KAYWA!!" oh, my heart. (miles is the three year old that lives downstairs and he is the child of my dreams - in case you have missed that.)

5. speaking of neighbors, our neighbors directly downstairs are moving at the end of this month. (we live at the top, the krogues live at the bottom, and there is one unit in between us.) i think our friends the brigg's are going to move in - making all apartments in our building filled with our BFF's!! WHAT IS THIS LIFE.

6. the other night, the krogues and the briggs were playing games and i went over solo (jordan was at work obvi.) they wanted to play the newlywed game and i told them i would just observe and make up questions since i was spouse-less. instead, they had jordan participate via text message. it took a lot of extra effort to play this way but i was so touched that they are so willing to bend over backwards for us. what did we do to deserve them?

7. the "limetown" podcast. it sucked me right in and is different than anything i have listened to before!

8. my friend lindsay and i usually get together once a week - we have lunch or go to a museum or go window shopping or grab ice cream and go to the park. this past week i was listening to the "happier" podcast from gretch rubin and she proposes the idea of "errand dates" - where you go grocery shopping with a friend, or take someone along to pick up dry cleaning, stop at target, and then grab a smoothie. why haven't i been doing this already?! so many days i am rushing from errands to make lunch with lindsay - and really, all we do is talk anyway. why not talk while doing something productive? maybe this is small-minded of me, but i am so excited to start going on errand-dates!

9. this house on lake street.