sf lately - may.

(and april. oops.)

honestly, the last two months have flown by and at the same time they've been so s l o w. our time is not really marked by anything except working, day in and day out so it all kind of mushes together into a blob. jordan has been getting CRUSHED at work so bad that for a month stretch there, we didn't spend more than 2 consecutive hours together. that's been pretty lonely. 

i can't lie, it's been tough with a capital T - and without getting into too much detail, there have been several unfamiliar trials & heartaches & disappointments thrown into the mix that have just made me feel like i am treading water. right now, i am having to take everything day by day and not feel too stifled by the fact that there is no break in our schedules anytime soon.

that being said - there have been many silver linings. some beautiful california sunshine, a few short but memorable date nights, several good books consumed. here's a recap:

in march we spent a saturday in carmel - which is just disgustingly cute. it's the most picturesque little beach town and we are planning another getaway there STAT.

AHOY! jordan and i took an intro to sailing class and it was a blast. it was just us & the instructor and lots of what about bob references. 

i met jordan at his office one saturday and he escaped for a game at at&t park. i put jordan in charge of picking tickets, so next thing i knew we were enjoying baseball from the 8th row. and obviously the food did not let us down!

we made it up to bodega bay on a sunday afternoon to whale watch. the wind nearly blew us away but MAN. california is so beautiful. 

one saturday after jordan got off of work, he surprised me and booked a hotel outside the city. it was nice to "escape" - even if it was not far. we got takeout from chili's (we miss chain restaurants ok?) and ate it in bed and it was glorious. 

when jordan works saturdays, i have found some *creative* ways to keep myself entertained. one is double booking workout classes. on one particular morning, i did pilates at 10 and then headed over to the marina green for the "dare to bare" event. i have volunteered for this organization a few times before - they are all about promoting body positivity through exercise and healthy habits. i love that mission! i took a kickboxing class in the sun (killer but SO FUN) and really tried to soak in the positive energy of the event. everyone that signs up gets a matching sports bra, and you are encouraged to "bare" it all and just wear the sports bra and pants. it was really motivating to see girls of ALL shapes and sizes coming together, celebrating each other and taking care of their bodies. i love exercise, i love positive energy, and i love sunshine. it was an incredibly uplifting morning. 

upon arrival, i headed straight for the smoothie truck and ended up making friends with their social media coordinator - this is a screenshot of the boomerang he posted of me!
aaaand here's an old picture of us from easter. we had both woken up from naps right before this photo was taken so we are struuuugling and i think it's hilarious.