and a happy summer to you, too.

summer in san francisco usually means foggy, gloomy, depressing weather. it has been unseasonably clear and sunny instead! i have laid out on the deck and invited friends over for summer s'mores.

my friend jordan (not to be confused with my husband) moved here for the summer for her husband to do a tech internship. HOW i have needed this girl in my life! i have just really been in need of a girlfriend who is a good time, who is reliable and always down to do something fun, and who is a positive, happy presence in my life. she has been such a blessing and we are having a BLAST together.

jordan spent the better part of a week working in austin. when he arrived home, he brought a gorgeous arrangement of flowers home with him and i snapped this picture the next morning. i know i'm a little biased, but he is the most handsome guy in the universe & i love him so much it hurts my heart.

my sister came to town! we covered so much ground and laughed so much during those five days. i am already wishing i could re-live it all!

lastly, jordan and i are going on a vacation!! it's small. and short. but it's a vacation! we are escaping for a few days to palm springs - to swim and sleep and (hopefully) leave jordan's work phone in the car the whole time! i am SO thrilled for a break and some one on one time with my babe!