a post dedicated to my sister.

ashlyn came to visit last month and we had THE most fabulous time. i need a place to dump all of the pictures we took, so i'll just take a second and tell you all how amazing she is. SRSLY THO. 

ashlyn is funny and sweet and understanding and easy to talk to. she is the perfect combination of "going with the flow" but also taking charge of situations. she goes back and stalks me on instagram and twitter and facebook and re-likes all of my posts to make me feel loved and also to remind me of all the dumb things we used to post on each other's walls. ashlyn is real and honest and raw but still upbeat and happy and a total straight arrow. she is such a good example to me of working hard and doing your best, day in and day out. it's SO easy to be proud of her. she listens to me complain and cry but always makes me laugh and she is maybe the only person on planet earth that i would invite to live with jordan and i LITERALLY without a moment's hesitation. she is one of my life's greatest blessings and i love being related to her!