a weekend away.

we (finally) took a weekend away! jordan and i drove to palm springs for a few days over the fourth of july. it started with a little hiccup (our room at the saguaro hotel wasn't ready when we arrived, so they told us they would call us when it WAS ready. well...they never called?) but once we got that resolved it was smooth sailing. so smooth, we hardly left the hotel. we predominately slept and laid by the pool. we sprinkled a few other activities in - golfing, a cactus farm, going out to eat, a movie - but it was incredibly low-key. i only have like 10 pictures to show from the entire trip (very unlike me.) 

our time together is so limited and we have been spending so much time with friends and family and guests - just the two of us was so needed and such a reprieve.

we drove home on the fourth and got in with enough time to maybe catch some fireworks with friends. instead we opted to stay in, order dinner, and cuddle because we weren't ready to let go of our little one on one bubble just yet. (lucky for us we didn't totally miss out on fourth fireworks - our neighbors one block up off a string of highly illegal fireworks that we were able to enjoy from our balcony. thanks, guys!)


  1. Looks like a beautiful weekend. Random question....I'm passing through San Fran on the way to slc (from nz) - we have a 6 hour layover....do you think that's enough time to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge?! That's 6 hours from touch down to take off, so realistically probably only 3.5 hours?! My siblings and I are coming because my dad is speaking at October conference....we would love to see the bridge or ride a cable car or something....but that's a pretty tight time frame? thanks in advance ....

    1. crystal - i think that would totally be enough time to see the bridge! i would take an uber to a lookout point. you have lots to choose from - chrissy field, fort point, baker beach, lands end, battery east vista, (or vista point) will all provide a fun place to gaze at the bridge and take a few pictures before heading back to the airport! if you have extra time, i would stop at ghiradhelli for some ice cream on your way back to sfo :) have fun!!


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