hydrangeas & the sound of music.

+ i was having a conversation with my sister yesterday about enjoying this season of life instead of wishing it away or pining for another time. it kind of evolved into ways that we can make our lives happier, things we can appreciate, etc. she made a poignant point - that God could have made our world dull, gray, unimagined. instead, He created green mountains and beach sunsets, golden hills and changing seasons. He did that because He loves us and He knew that these beautiful scenes would add value to our lives. idk maybe this is obvious but i had never thought of it this way before? this art was unnecessary - it's just because He loves us that much. i love that. i want to appreciate it more.

+ on a similar train of thought, i am currently reading "the nesting place" by myquillyn smith (seriously thought she must be mormon with a name like that) and she focuses a lot on our need, as humans, and especially as females, to create art. art means different things to different people - but there is something about creating something beautiful, or even just experiencing something beautiful things that just makes your heart soar, you know? it's a god-like quality, because God loves beautiful things. anyway, her book talks about how you can make your home a place of beauty and refuge without spending a lot of money or having everything be perfectly clean all of the time. i love the idea that you can use your limits as creative challenges, because chances are you are never going to live in a perfectly "designed for you" dream home. i love to decorate and i think i've made our apartment pretty cozy. but is my home as inviting as i want it to be? am i appreciating all of the purposes it serves for me? are there inexpensive DIY projects i could take on to feel like i am actively creating a home for myself? yes yes and yes. i am feeling a few spray paint projects comin on!

+ jordan is going on a work trip to utah in september and we decided weeks ago that i would tag along. well the dates were just finalized and it's over my birthday! at first i was like "crap, do i want to be there over my birthday?" and then i kept thinking about it... guys i am S T O K E D out of my mind!! i didn't realize it until moving to SF and starting real life, but utah is my comfort zone. utah is home and utah is nostalgic to me in a way that going home to their parents is for most. i get to see family and spend time in the mountains and i wish that we could skip right over august and GET THERE already !!

+ last week i went to a sing-a-long of the sound of music at the castro theatre with my friend april. this has been on my bucket list for as long as i can remember - and i don't know if it was the anticipation, or the fact that sound of music is incredibly nostalgic to me, but that night KNOCKED it out of the park !!! it was one of my favorite things i've done in the city so far - and i've covered a lot of ground. (and yes, it is just like it sounds. a theatre full of adults singing along, laughing, cheering loudly, etc. some people even dressed up!) i sang until my throat was hoarse and cried every time they sang edelweiss. (my grandfather, who passed away years ago, would sing that song to me as a child and so it is incredibly tender to me.) would 10/10 recommend that everyone do this. WHAT A NIGHT.

+ the hydrangeas are in bloom in SF !! they are colorful and fluffy and make everything so beautiful.


  1. That sing-a-long sounds like a blast!!! And those hydrangeas are to die for. You know I was thinking of a similar thing recently too, like this year I have really noticed that every sunset is just AWESOME and that God must love me because he painted the sky to look so beautiful. Isn't this world just awesome? Each new place we go and see has so much to offer, even if at first glance we don't notice it. Like Ogden for instance (armpit of Utah), but after living there for almost a year I have come to realize there are some pretty neat and unique places here and I've come to appreciate it in some ways.


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